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Este foi baseado na música "Since U Been Gone" da Kelly Clarkson e fala sobre auto-valorização. 
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Boa leitura! =) 

Link para ouvir a música: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7UrFYvl5TE 

Since U Been Gone 

Sound of cursing.

Jane was actually aware of it, but the noise didn’t disturb her. It was kind of darkly funny, really. Instead of being annoyed, she turned the page of Pride and Prejudice and resumed her reading. 

Heavy footsteps against the carpet announced that he had entered the living room, but she didn’t lift her head. He cursed some more trying to get her attention, but it was useless. She was determined to not be bothered with his presence in the slightest.  

“Jane, baby. Come on.” Liam approached the couch she was sitting on. “Jane. Look at me.”

“Still there, Liam?” She murmured without taking her eyes off the book. “I told you to be quick. I’m going out in fifteen minutes.”

“This is my house, damn it!”

Jane lifted her eyes. “Yes, it is. And we have an agreement, don’t we? You agreed that I had the right to stay a few more days assuming I was the one who paid for the furniture.”

“You don’t have to throw this on my face every fucking time.” He answered and cursed again when she continued staring at him calmly. “Jane, do we have to do this? You know she didn’t mean a thing to me. You know I love you. You’re going to destroy what we have for a whore?” 

“No, I won’t. You already did it.” She smiled sweetly. “Let’s jump the part you say you’re sorry, ok? That’s become routine and you know I hate routine. So, just grab the rest of your things and go.”

“Jane, stop being so melodramatic! It was a mistake! Everybody’s entitled to make one. I don’t want to go. Baby…” He sat on the couch beside her and took her hand, looking deep in her eyes as he knew she loved. “I love you. Please? Let me stay and we’ll make it right. Just give me one more chance and I won’t disappoint you a second time.”

“No.” She slipped her hand of his hand smoothly and added just as smoothly. “Now get out.”

“God, you’re cold! You don’t even pretend to be sad. And then you still ask why I had to go and cheat on you.”

“I never asked, Liam. Don’t lie, baby.” Her voice was cool. “Now get out of my couch, grab your excuse for a bag and go screw someone else. We’re done. Stop acting like a miserable dog. You’re pathetic.”

He clenched his teeth. “You’ll regret it. You’ll miss me because no one else will want to warm the sheets with a frigid bitch like you. Hear me? You’ll come back running and I’ll make you beg until I take you back.”

“Lie and wait, darling.” She closed the book, stood and walked to open the door for him. “Out.” 

He ragged some more and finally took his backpack and his two bags from the ground. Liam stared at her furiously before passing through the door. “You will regret it.” 

“Bye. Drive safe.” She closed the door.

Jane didn’t lean against it like some poor and sad female, but lifted her chin and walked straight to the guest room where she was currently staying. She wasn’t as unaffected as she wanted to be; after all, Liam had been her friend before becoming her lover and they had spent one year dating and two living together.

Bitter as it was, the separation had to sting some. The betrayal scratched her pride. Quite a bit. But there was no point in mulling over it. What was done was done and she had a lot of living to do to be worrying about Liam. 

She totally believed that there were people in the world who deserved her tears. People who put smiles on her face more often than not. Liam wasn’t one of them. When they had been friends, yeah… He had been a good listener perhaps, but, the ‘good’ parte had ended there. Foolish of her not to have noticed it before long.  

When her cell phone started ringing at her bedside table, she picked it up quickly and smiled when she saw who it was.

“Are you here yet?”

“‘Course ‘am, sweetheart. You know I don’t like to lose time. Life is too short.” Her sister Lisa answered with her high pitched voice and usual good humor. “Ready?”

“Coming down.” Jane assured and ended the call.  

As soon as she got out of the elevator, she saw her sister’s car in front of her building and shortened her steps. Three friends of Lisa’s and hers were sitting on the backseat of the car and Jane said hello while getting in.

“I think I saw that SOB Liam getting out of your building. Am I having visions?” Lisa asked as she started the car.

“He came to get the rest of his clothes. He divided the process in three trips in different week days to take some more time.”

“Idiot.” Her sister rolled her eyes.

Jane laughed. “My thoughts exactly.”

“Wait. Isn’t Liam that dick who slept with your colleague in the backseat of your car?” Christine, friend of Lisa’s, asked.

“The one and the same.”

“Whoa. How are you holding up? If it was me, I’d still be crying buckets. It has been, what, three weeks?”

“Yeah. I don’t lose time either. Learned with my big sister here.” Jane smiled. “You know what, Chris? Some are just not worth it. And if you don’t care about yourself, no one else will. Keep that in mind. Besides” She winked. “I’m not losing much, if you get my meaning.”

The five laughed and it was all right with the world.


“Jess, don’t stare at the camera. Look at Brian. I’m not even here.” Jane changed the angle of her camera and continued shooting. “That’s it. Perfect. You’re a soon-to-be couple totally in love. No, Brian. Don’t frown. That’s just your fiancée there and when you look at her you can’t believe your luck. That’s exactly it. Marvelous. Just a couple more now. What about holding hands? Yeah. Great. And smiling? You’re happy, you’re about to get married and the world is a wonderful place. Incredible. You make the most beautiful picture. Yes, kiss. Just don’t get excited. Oh, the laughs are perfect. That’s it. We’re done. That was incredible.”

“Oh, that was great!” Jess laughed a little breathless from the kiss and smiled hugely at Brian. “I feel perfect. Can we do it again?”

Jane smiled back and walked toward them, showing the pictures. “See this? That’s my favorite. You look so young and happy. Carefree. I guess this could be the main one, what do you think? Oh, don’t answer now. I’m babbling. I’ll discharge them and then we’ll schedule a meeting for these decisions. Don’t worry now. You were perfect and it will be a pretty, pretty album.”

“I hope so. She changed her outfit three times for today.” Brian sighed. “She will let me standing for two hours at the altar.”

“And you’re lucky for having me, remember that.” Jess grinned sweetly and hugged Jane. “You made us feel at home and the pictures are beautiful and natural. I can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks, Jane. You’re the best!”

“Yes, I am.”

Brian put an arm around his fiancée’s waist. “Bye, Jane. Come on, Jess. We still have to meet with Carla to discuss the cake, remember?”

“Yes, I’m coming. Thanks again, Jane. See you.”  

Jane was still laughing as they left the studio. She especially liked that couple and they had a lot of energy. They didn’t complain at all as she made them change positions and relax their shoulders and all that. Some of them got angry with even though they were paying for everything to be perfect.

She sat by her chair to discharge the pictures. Jane worked as photographer for a wedding-planning company and particularly she thought that was the best job in the world. Not just to catch moments, but people and their feelings.

Her work kept her faith in people, relationships and love. There was much, much beauty and trust and happiness in the world to just believe in ugliness. And she was an optimist by heart.

She did one more shooting with another couple and called it for a day. As she left her studio, bumped with Ariel and she had her arms full of baskets. She was a florist and a incurable romantic.

“Leaving yet?” The redhead asked.

As always, Jane sighed for her simple-and-normal blond and envied her colleague's hair color. “It’s passed my time already. And yours too, by the way.” 

“Oh. I need to finish this first. Hum, Laura was asking for you earlier. She’s quitting, you know? I guess she wants to apologize.”

Laura was the colleague in question who screwed Liam in her car at the parking lot as he waited for her to leave work. Jane had caught them actually. Just her fault for leaving earlier than expected, the woman had had the courage to accuse.

“Really? I can’t say I’m sad. And I’m sorry, I know she is your friend.”  

“Not anymore. I don’t befriend liars and cheats.” Ariel explained and then added to easy the air. “And I’m not sad either. It eliminates the competition in my field. There’ll be only two other florists now. I’m already planning something to disappear with them.”

Jane laughed, thinking there wasn’t a most kindhearted person in the world than her. “I’m sure you’re. Good luck with that, sweetie. See you tomorrow.”

“See you.”

She stopped at Burger’s King on the way to buy something to take home and decided to go into the CD store across the street. She has wanted the new Radiohead album for some time now.

Long known, she greeted the clerk on the way in and went straight to the row she most liked. She was distracted searching for the CD and when she saw it, there was only one left. Jane reached for it at the same time another hand did it too.

“Oh, sorry.” She murmured and looked up into very green eyes. “You saw it first.”

The mouth was beautiful and one side of it lifted in humor. “Yes, I did.”

Jane stepped back and took a good look at the stranger’s face. He was handsome and that explained the knots in her stomach. Really handsome. Dark-haired and tall. Very, very tall.  

“Usually, gentlemen would’ve denied it and good-naturedly allowed me the pleasure of having it.”

He grinned fully now. “That’s easily explained. I’m not a gentleman.”

She smiled bitterly. “I can see that.”

He threw his head back and laughed, but didn’t add a comment to that. Jane shrugged and allowed herself to appreciate the guttural male sound.   

“I guess I’ll just have to find another CD to avoid a major deception.”

“I guess you will.” His eyes were tinkling and the smile still curved his lips.

He had a very nice smile too. Jane lifted her chin. “It was a non-pleasure.”

“Can’t say the same.” His eyes were laughing at her, but he moved so she could pass.  

Jane did without looking back and just to not give him the pleasure, she chose a CD at random to buy. When she got to the cash register to pay, he was leaving the store, but the stranger threw a last smile above his shoulder at her.

“His name is Chad.” The clerk said with a small feminine smile.

“Hum.” Jane murmured, feigning disinterest.

“Hum, all right. Yummy, yummy too.” She laughed. “He comes here weekly, usually on Thursdays. Just thought you might be curious.”

“I am not.” Jane smiled sweetly, even though she was.

Ok, then maybe she might pass by the CD store the next Thursday just to check the clientele. Nothing wrong with staring at handsome guys, was there? And he had a great butt. Oh, she had noticed, fine. She was not a puritan.

And if she had nothing to do, what was the harm in dropping by the next week? She hadn’t got the Radiohead CD after all. Jane was considering it deeply when she got past the door and saw him leaning on her car.

She ignored the smile she could already see and crossed the street slowly. Chad was leaning on the driver’s side as if to guarantee she would not run.

Jane stared at him calmly. “Problem, Chad?”

He grinned. “Been talking about me?”

Too late she noticed her mistake, but she did not falter. “Non-asked information.”

“Maybe because you were staring at my butt.”

Her cheeks reddened. “I certainly was not.”

The smile must’ve been carved in his lips permanently. “Yes, you were. But that’s ok. I stared at yours, too.”

Oh, but he was arrogant. And that wasn’t supposed to make him look hotter.

Jane breathed deep. “Can you move, please? I need to be inside it so I can leave. How come did know you this was my car, anyway?”

“I saw you parking.” He answered easily and didn’t move away. “And I saw you entering Burger’s king. Why take-out? It happens I’m hungry and I might be wanting some company. Do you mind?”

Jane smiled. “I don’t eat with strangers.”

“Not at all. I think you eat with your mouth. Am I wrong?” He arched a brow when she laughed. “Come on. If you join me, I can consider selling you the CD.”

“Giving it.”

He grinned again. “Tough lady. Ok, that’s a deal. Let’s go. Oh,” he extended a hand and said sardonically. “I’m Chad, by the way.”

She extended hers. “Jane.”

Without taking his eyes off hers, he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it slowly, smiling sinly. “That’s a great pleasure, Jane.”

Oh, boy, that smile. And that was why she didn’t lose time being sad over a jerk. The world was a wonderful, wonderful place.

“You know, Chad? I guess I’m reconsidering my opinion about you.”

His eyes tinkled again. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” He moved easily and rested his hand on the small of her back. “Shall we?”  


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