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Sexta Parte 

After that weekend, Theo was having trouble going through the week without seeing Spring. On Wednesday, when she mentioned that she was going to do an audition for another Musical close to his office, Theo suggested to meet her so they could have lunch. 

He was anxious all morning and his coworkers noticed that and started picking at him. His sister Nina had called earlier to see if he was available for lunch because she was meeting a client close by; she was an accountant. Theo declined and after losing the battle and revealing his plans with Spring, Nina picked at him too.

Theo decided it was not his day when he saw Dale getting out of the elevator. He was an engineer and their firms usually worked together. His sister met him through Theo actually and even if he really considered his brother-in-law his best friend, he couldn’t bring himself to be happy that he was there.

He knew Dale would catch up with the day’s gossip soon.

Trying to avoid some more probing, Theo went to a colleague’s table so they could study the progress he had done with the condominium project. He checked his watch after a bit, noticing it was still half an hour so he could meet Spring. When his colleague called his attention, he apologized and focused back on his work.

The sudden rush of voices around made both men look up. Theo turned his head and noticed that his coworkers were looking past the door. He looked that way and his mouth fell open. Spring was in front of the elevators chatting with Dale and laughing.

She was hearing high heels and a tight dark blue dress. Her hair fell over her shoulders to her waist and for a minute Theo joined the others’ stupor and stood there staring at her in an awe. She turned her head, saw him and smiled.

Dale said something else to her, and then started leading her inside.

For the glint in his eyes, he had already heard about the gossip. “Look who I found here, Theo! You don’t have to gnaw your nails anymore!”

Theo threw a look at him while around everybody laughed, including Spring – with no shame. She bided everyone ‘Good afternoon’ and received ‘Great afternoon’ in response.

He went to meet her halfway. “Hey. What are you doing here? Weren’t we supposed to meet at the restaurant?”

“The audition ended early so I thought to come meet with you here. Is that okay?”

“Of course.” He put an arm around her waist possessively. “We can go.”

“That’s fine, Theo. I noticed you were busy. I can wait.”

“I’ll be fast.”

She smiled. “Take your time. Now, you didn’t kiss me hi.”

He touched his mouth to hers and there were a few whistles around. “Just ignore them.”

Spring caressed his cheek. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“That’s not necessary at all. Plenty of room here, isn’t it right guys?” His coworker James announced.

“Plenty of room.” The response came.

James approached and brought her hand to his mouth. “Go finish your deal, Theo. We’ll take care of her.”

“I don’t think so.”

James grinned at Spring. “Seems to me your man is a bit worried. Maybe you can reassure him? We don’t bite. Mostly.”

In spite of Theo growling, Spring was having fun. “I’m sure you’re all real gentlemen. I will accept the invitation for company, but I can take care of myself.”

Another coworker said. “Pity.”

Theo shook his head and kept his arm around Spring. “I don’t like this.”

She kissed him again. “Stop fretting, they’re just being nice.”

“And my job is to guarantee that they won’t be extra nice.” He grunted bitterly.

James inclined his head. “Cool down, Theo, we’re all red-blooded here. You can’t blame a man for looking at a beautiful woman.”

Theo narrowed his eyes. “Can’t I? Try me.”

Dale chuckled. “Brother-in-law, who knew you’d be such a pain in the ass when jealous, uh. Now that’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to take this beauty here…” He circled an arm around Spring’s shoulders. “And keep her under my careful watch. If one of them at least look at anywhere down her pretty face, I’ll let you know. How is that sound?”

“Can you stop them from looking at her pretty face too?” Theo asked.

Dale grinned. “Not even God could do that, my friend.”

“In that case…” Theo sighed and grabbed Spring’s chin. “I’ll be super fast.”

“Go, Theo. You have already lost time.”

“Come, my dear. Come sit beside me and far away from these wolves.” Dale clutched her shoulders.

They went to sit and Spring insisted for him to go on with his work. She didn’t want to interfere at all.

When Dale caught her looking across the room to where Theo was, he smiled and said. “He’s totally crazy about you. And as I’m his best friend, you must believe me.”

Spring turned her head toward him. “I’m crazy about him too.”


“You’re so cute when you’re jealous.” Spring murmured when they seating at the restaurant and Theo still had the mad expression going on.

He shook his head and stared at the menu. “I’m not cute. And I was not jealous.”


“Look.” He snapped and she smirked. “I just don’t like having my colleagues dribbling all over my girlfriend. Can you blame me?”

“Am I your girlfriend?”

“Aren’t you?”

Spring laughed. “That sounds so high school.”

“Lover, then.”

“That’s fine. I can do both.” She couldn’t bring herself to stop being amused by him. “You’re truly something, Theo. You know?”

He sighed and took her hand. “I’m sorry, I was jealous.”

“Really? I’m shocked.”

He gave her a small smile. “Smart-ass.” He brushed her knuckles lightly, first with his finger and then with his mouth. “I missed you.”  

She melted. “I missed you too, baby.”

“And when I saw you it got worse. What’s with the dress? I guess that was what got me worked up. In both ways.”

“I try to put on an appearance for auditions. Did you like it?” Her smile was mischievous.

“I guess you know the answer for that.”

After flirting a bit more, they finally ordered and soon they were eating.

“What is the Musical you did the audition for?” Theo asked after a while.


“Did you get it?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, usually they take a few days before calling. I guess I did fine.”

“Probably a lot more than fine.”

Spring smiled. “Thanks.” She checked her watch. “How much time we have left?”

“I guess I can spare more twenty. Are you free this afternoon?”

“Mostly. Just not when I have to go to rehearsal. Today I’m free. Let’s have some ice cream!”

Theo grinned to her excitement. “You look like a little kid.”

“When it comes to ice cream, I’m worse, pal. You’ll learn all about it. Let’s go now!”

She got up in a hurry.


They got their ice creams. Spring had the chocolate one and Theo the strawberry one. He put an arm around her waist as they walked and Spring moaned her satisfaction while licking her cone.

“Both of your nephews are wrong. Ice cream is the best thing in the whole wide world.”

He smirked and threw her a provocative look. “I tend to disagree.”

She chuckled and nodded. “Okay. Second best.” She sighed in contentment and brought her head to his shoulder. “Marvelous day, isn’t it?”

“It is. I have you right here with me.”

“Oh, Theo…”

“Don’t say the word starting with ‘c’ or I’ll scream, I swear.”

Spring laughed again. “See? You know you’re, I don’t even have to say it anymore.”

“That’s not it at all. I say the things I say because I want you to know how you make me feel.” He stopped walking and she lifted her head to look at him. “I love you, Spring Hurricane.”

The smile started in her eyes, the emotion almost exploding in them before her lips curved widely showing white, beautiful teeth. Spring pushed her feet to the ground because she really felt she was going to flow with the wind.

“You do?” She touched his cheek and grinned, wider and wider, until it seemed the whole street was alive with it. “I thought… I was the one rushing with things.”   

“If there’s rush, we’re both responsible.”

She laughed aloud. Then in a surprising movement, she threw her ice cream in a garbage can close by and did the same with his. Spring put her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

He was grinning too. “You threw your ice cream away.”

“Screw it. I love you.” She kissed him again and damning the people around staring at them, circled his hip with her legs. “Love you, Love you, Love you!”

He started laughing. “You know, we’re doing a PDA here.”

“Holly Goodness…” An old lady murmured disapprovingly while she passed by them.

Spring stared at her. “What? Have you ever loved someone? I suppose not as you don’t know a thing about it!”

“Let’s go, Spring.” Theo put her on the ground again as the old lady went away throwing them dirty looks. “Before we get arrested.”

“We’re not doing anything. Yet.” She grinned sinly. 

“I don’t know if I can control myself around that dress of yours any longer. And I have to go back to work.” Theo kissed her forehead. “You could come to my place tonight. Finish this chat of ours, you know.”

“Well, I could. You’re going to reward me?”

He smiled. “You can bet on it.”

“Fine, then. I will take the dress.” She winked.

He couldn’t help the chuckle and brushed a lock of hair from her face. “What are you doing for the Holidays?”

“Fourth of July? I don’t know yet. That’s weeks away still.”

“My mother always throws this whole party for the relatives and everybody. Maybe if you want to go? With your parents and all?”

“I’d love to.”

“Great. That’s a date then.”

“That certainly is.” She touched her lips to his and he hugged her.

“I do have to get back to work.” He said but didn’t let her go.

“Yes, you do.”

“I don’t want to. Take me back to your place and tie me to the bed.”

Spring chuckled hard. “God, Theo. I’m going to have this on my mind for the whole afternoon. Come on, everybody has responsibilities. We’re going to see each other tonight.”

He shook his head in misery. “Too far away.”

She grabbed his face, kissed him again and again. “I know, baby. But that increases the emotion. Go now. I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me.”

“One more kiss.” He said and stole five ones.

She was grinning. “Missing you already.”

“Am too.”

“I love you.”

Theo smiled. “I really like the sound of that.” He kissed her a last time. “I love you. ‘Till tonight.”

“Yes. See you later, handsome.”

He looked so sincerely devastated as he walked away that Spring laughed to herself.

She put a hand to her chest and breathed deep. Spring considered herself lucky because she was in a time of her life when things started happening at last, professionally speaking.

The profession she had chosen was not a stable one and that’s why she knew that there would be times when things would be really hard. She thought that maybe the reason for her happiness toward the small things regarding her career was exactly that. And she would need the satisfaction of those things when rough times came.

She had her parents, yes, and her friends. The close ones and some that she met rarely, but was very fond of. She had herself, of course, and her faith. But the different factor was what the destiny had brought to her. Destiny, luck, God, she didn’t know. 

None satisfaction or happiness in the other aspects of her life could compare to the feeling which the cute guy who had just walked away brought to her. And what it represented.


Three weeks later.

“Look, Aunt Spring, look!” Kevin tugged at her dress impatiently to show his brand-new airplane. “I can fly in it! Wanna see?”

It would have been nice to see him trying, but not actually safe. “Some other time, maybe? You don’t want to miss the fireworks, do you?”

“No!” He shook his head fiercely. “Ok. Another time. I’m gonna show it to Lucy, she said she wanted to see it!”

The little boy started after Spring’s mother with a purpose without a second thought. Spring laughed after him, liking the boy more and more.

Sue’s backyard was full with people, chairs and food. Relatives, neighbors, friends. Theo had forgotten to mention how crowded it would be. But she wasn’t really surprised. Sue was the kind of person who appreciated a full house and a good chance to please her guests.

“There she is.” George, Spring’s father, approached her with Travis by his side. “You will not believe it! Travis has a small lake-house outside the city. He said he will take me there fishing. Can you imagine it? I’ve not fished in…”

“About five years. You don’t let me forget that, Dad.” Spring said amused and winked at Travis. “He won’t get out of your hair until you’ve fulfilled your promise.”

“I can handle it.” Travis smiled. “And it’s been a long time since I had a fishing partner. I never could convince Sue to like it. Too much time in a single spot, she says.”

“Women.” George rolled his eyes unconscious to the fact that his wife had come up behind him. “What do they know?”

Excuse me?” Lucy arched a brow.

George cursed and turned around with a I’m-the-love-of-your-life-don’t-you-forget-that smile. “Hello, darling. What are you doing sneaking out behind people like that? You could’ve given me a heart attack.”

“If only I was that lucky.” She said dryly and left.

George sighed. “See you later.” And went after her.

“Your parents are great.” Travis was clearly holding a chuckle. “Your mom seems to be kind of tough, though.”

Spring grinned. “That she is.” She touched the beer in his hands and winked at him one more time. “Careful. Sue has spies everywhere.”

She turned to leave, but heard him saying ‘Don’t I know it…’ Spring saw Theo playing with Simon close to the back door. She was stopped by a few people along the way, everyone wanting a piece of information on ‘Theo’s woman’, but eventually she got there.

Theo lifted his head and grinned wickedly at her, while holding an almost-blue-but-chuckling-Simon upside down. “Hi, baby. How are you?”

“Very well, thank you. Your Grandma asked me again if I had already picked the dress. She insisted on saying that it had to be white, ‘other color won’t do at all’.”

Theo groaned. “Pressure everywhere. Sorry.”

“For what? She is a very gentle and giving old lady.” She maneuvered with a smile and stared at now-blue-and-laughing-hard-Simon. “Holding up there, aren’t you?”

The boy struggled to breathe, but was that was the only struggling he did. “I made a bet with Uncle Theo. If I can stay here until his arms get tired, I get to have one date with you.” He paused for breath and added. “I’m gonna win.”

Theo stared at her. “See? Cheated by my own blood. You’re a gypsy, Spring. Charming all men in the family.”   

Extremely pleased, Spring crouched down until her face was in front of his. “Tell you what. If you quit now, I’ll leave Theo sleeping one night and elope with you.”

“What is ‘elope’?”

She fussed with his hair. “Run away. That’s our deal: grow up, get a job and we’ll run away together.”

His eyes sparkled. “I can get a job now. I’m big already.”

“I know that. You’re a bright, brave young man.” She kissed his cheek and stood up, eyeing her man disapprovingly. “Let go of him, Theo. He’s already purple. What kind of uncle are you?”

“I’m just fighting for my girl.” He said simply and eased Simon on the ground. “There you go. Learn not to get into bets with me, boy.”

Simon shook his head and said to Spring. “I’ll get a job.”

He ran into the house screaming for his mother.

Theo caught her by the waist and kissed her. “I love you.”

Spring refused to be charmed. “Theo, he could’ve gotten hurt.”

“No, I wouldn’t let it happen. But I had to protect you, love. What if you decided he was more suited than me?”

Because he had a serious look on his face, she laughed and put her arms around his neck. “I would prefer an eight-year-old, of course. You didn’t stand a chance.”

“Who knew?” He grinned and touched his mouth to hers again. “I’m not taking unnecessary risks.”

“Oh, only you, really.”

When they heard the noise, Theo tugged at her hand. “Come. It’s starting.”

Everybody had stopped what they were doing to watch. The Fourth of July fireworks lighted up the sky like nothing else. Spring felt Theo’s arms around her and relaxed while paying attention. She felt safe, loved and cherished. It was the best Fourth of July she had ever had. All because of him.

He shifted behind her after a few minutes and she noticed that he had gotten tense.

Turning, she stared at him and he had a weird look. “What’s it, baby?”

He watched her for a bit and then breathed deep. “I’ve been thinking…”

She started to worry. “What?”

“If you let me explain.” He smiled sweetly and she nodded, looking scared. Suddenly Theo wanted to laugh. “I thought that maybe you could consider my Grandma’s babblings. And as it happens…” He searched quickly in his back pocket and came up with a little box. Spring gasped. “I have this thing here.” He took her trembling hand and put the box at her palm. “What do you say, Spring Hurricane? Wanna pick the white dress?”

She couldn’t breath. She could not find the oxygen she needed. Spring stared alarmingly at him and looked around. Everybody was staring at them. Every single person. They must have known all along. They must have.


“Open it.” He suggested softly.

She didn’t have to. She knew what it was in it. Tiffany’s. Those little red boxes meant only one thing.  She opened it anyway. The cute little ring winked back at her with its single diamond sparkling.

Spring felt the tears bursting in her eyes. “Are you sure? We know each other a little more than a month.”


She felt the panic rising with the certainty in his eyes. “What if you don’t like my food? What if you get bored with the classic music I listen to in the morning? What if I snore? What if…”

“Spring.” He brushed her cheek. “We already live together.” Then he smiled. “And I’m the one who snores. Childhood problem.”   

“But I moved into your apartment a week ago. What if you change your mind? What if you get angry with me when I’m between jobs and the money is short? What if…”

“What if you say ‘yes’ and we see about the rest?”

She nipped at her lip. “I’m not letting you go, Theo. Divorce doesn’t exist for me. Once said and it’s for the rest of our lives.”

“That’s what I’m asking.” He looked at her with such intensity that she felt her bones liquefy. “Marry me, Spring.”

A tear escaped her eye and she smiled. “Yes.” Then she laughed hard and hugged him. “Yes, I’ll marry you!”

“Oh. Thank God…” Sue cried aloud along with her daughter Nina.

They kissed, and kissed, and kissed until someone screamed that he had to put the ring on her finger to make it official.

Theo grinned at her. “True.”

Everybody watched as the ring slipped perfectly around her finger.

She shook her hand for everyone to see it. “It fits! How did you know, Theo?”

“I measured the size when you were asleep.” He kissed her cheek. “You sleep like a rock, by the way. I had to take advantage of that.”

She chuckled. “You’re a slick one, aren’t you.”

“Yes, I am. Now come here again. I want to kiss my fiancée one more time before my mother takes you away. She’s just waiting for you to shift an inch and she will be on your hair about flowers, wedding list, dresses, and all this stuff you talk about.”

“You have to participate in each conversation.” She announced grinning mischievously.

Theo sighed. “Baby, I don’t have the patience for this.”

“And do you think I have? But I don’t want to hurt my mother-in-law’s feelings, though. And if I have to suffer, you’ll do it too.”

He caressed her back. “That’s a couple-thing, right? Sharing good and bad stuff.”

“Exactly. And you better be a great husband.” She kissed his neck and licked his earlobe, making him groan. “And I’ll be the best wife.”

“I’m sure you will.”

“Spring, can you come here a second?” Sue asked impatiently, seeing that they wouldn’t get apart soon.

Spring laughed. “Gotta go.”

Theo kissed her. “I’ll be right behind you. Promise.”

“Hurry.” She asked pleadingly, gaining a chuckle from him. “I love you, Mr. Coleman.” 

“I love you too, soon-to-be Mrs. Coleman.”

He watched her approach his mother and then called her. “Spring?”

She turned around. “Yes?”

“You got two weeks. I can’t wait any longer.”

Sue complained that it wasn’t enough time, Nina rolled her eyes saying that men always wanted to do things their way and Lucy shook his head, as if it was the most absurd nonsense she had ever heard. Theo didn’t notice any of this.

His girl smiled at him, mouthed ‘I’ll do my best’ and threw him a kiss. Theo smiled back. He would marry the most fascinating woman on the planet and he was lucky she loved him right back. Everything was right with world.

He was not one of those people he considered normal-contented anymore. Steady job, steady relationship, steady life. Spring was unconventional, loving and truly amazing. There wasn’t any routine with a person who surprised you everyday. Contentment was too tamed a word, too limited a feeling when she was involved.

His love for Spring grew each day; broke boundaries every time. And thanks to her, so did his happiness.


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