Dream in a Private Bubble.

Onde o seu sonho é sempre mais que uma ficção!

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Quinta Parte 

When Theo woke up the next morning, he felt Spring was not there even before opening his eyes. He remembered pretty well that during the night she had slept curled all around him.

It was the best night’ sleep he had ever had.

He yawned and brought his head up, surveying the room, but he didn’t see her. Theo didn’t have time to question this, because the bedroom’s door opened and she appeared. Wearing one of his work white shirts and carrying a tray.

She grinned widely when her eyes found his. “Oh, you’re awake!”

He sat down. “I am.” Then eyed the tray warily. “Where did you get this? I don’t have any real food in the fridge.”

“Well…” She set the tray beside him. “I went out to buy breakfast. Among other things. Clearly someone had to guarantee that you’re not gonna starve.”  

Theo stared at her. “You went shopping for me?”

“No, silly.” She sat down. “I just bought a few things. We must survive today at least.”

Trying to concentrate and ease down the satisfaction that she was going to spend the day, he eyed her. “Nice outfit. You didn’t go out wearing this, right?”

“Of course not.” She answered smoothly. “I changed when I came back. I hope you don’t mind.” She stood up and smiled sweetly. “I kind of think it looks good on me. Do you like it?” 

The best part for Theo was that his shirt was barely covering her bottom and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Again.

He stared unashamedly at her long legs. “You look really good. But I guess you’d look better if you weren’t wearing it at all.”

She laughed. “I thought you’d say so.” Spring climbed the bed again and gave him a good morning kiss. “I guess after we eat, I can consider your opinion.”

She turned to the tray and Theo frowned, noticing something. “Spring Hurricane?”

“Yeah?” She was already nibbling on the bacon.

“You’re not wearing panties underneath that, are you?”

She gave him an innocent smile. “Did you notice it?”

“I noticed a couple of things when you turned around, all right.” He said between clenched teeth.

God, they had made love three times during the night and he wanted her with such a fierce need that it seemed like he hadn’t had sex in five years.

She laughed aloud.

“Spring, are you hungry?” He asked again; his body rigid in tension.

“Yes, I am.” She drank her coffee, set the cup back on the tray and arched a brow at him.

“I’m really sorry.” He stared at her. “But you’ll have to wait.”

The next thing she knew was that she was beneath him again. Spring was still laughing hard when Theo slid into her.


It was the most perfect Saturday of his life. It was raining outside, but he couldn’t care less. For Theo, the day was shinning bright.

They made love, ate, kissed, played games, watched a movie, made love again, cooked, laughed, hugged, teased each other, made love one more time, laughed, teased, ate, took pictures – by Spring’s insistence, made love a last time. And then it was time for her to go.

Even then he didn’t want to. But she had the play and so he took her home so that she could grab another change of clothes.

Cathy and Pam greeted them with knowing smiles. Like they knew what they had done all day. Theo grabbed her hand before she went upstairs, not caring if her friends were watching.

Spring looked at him, two steps above him, and smiled. “Miss me yet?”

“Make a bag and come back to my place after the play.” He suggested, not trying to hide he wanted more time with her. “Then we can go to my parents’ from there tomorrow.”

Parents?” There was the sound of whispers from Spring’s friends.

She ignored them, because she just had eyes for him. She couldn’t possibly understand how her smile didn’t split her face in two. It was that wide.

“Yes.” She truly sighed a little when he flashed her a happy grin. “Will you wait for me to come down again?”

“I’ll take you to the theater. Then I’ll pick you up.”

The three women in the place melted.

“You’re so sweet, thank you.” She kissed him softly. “I’ll try and don’t be too long.”

“That’s ok, take your time. Just not so much time or you’ll be late.” He smiled and tugged at her hand again when she tried to climb the stairs. “Show me how much you’re grateful again.”

Fine. Definitely her grin was going to split her face in two. She grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him deeply, feeling his arms come around her.

When she finally went upstairs, Pam and Cathy didn’t even try to be subtle and climbed immediately after her. Theo laughed a little, knowing they were going to talk about him. He was surprised that it didn’t bother him at all, maybe embarrassed him some. But he could deal with that. He just hoped Spring would remember the clock.


Spring couldn’t deny that she was a little nervous in meeting the rest of his family. She tried to distract her mind looking out of the window, but it was not succeeding.

Noticing that, Theo unclenched one of his hands from the wheel and took hers.

“No reason to worry.” He said and kissed her hand lightly.

She smiled. “I know.”

“When I’m going to meet your parents?”

She threw him a surprised look. “Do you want to?”

“Of course I want to.” He lifted a brow. “And besides, I also have the right.”

“We can go… um… Next weekend, maybe? They live out of town.”

“Great.” He flashed her a grin. “It’s going to be payback. My family will probably embarrass me as soon as you’re past the door.”

Spring fluttered her lashes. “Well, I’m even more anxious now.”

They rode for another fifteen minutes and then he parked in front of a pretty white house. As usual, Theo opened the door for her. She was just getting out when she heard the noise and soon two young boys came running from behind the house.

They were indulged in a water battle using water pistols. Both of them were blonde and were making noises as ‘shots’ with their mouths.

“Hey, monsters. Put the guns down, we have company here…” Theo was barely finishing speaking when the taller aimed and fired.

The short one laid down on the grass and the shot of water hit Spring right on the face.

“Goddammit, Simon!” Theo cursed.

“Sorry, Uncle Theo. But you’re not allowed to say bad words at me.” He smiled sweetly and approached. “It was Kevin’s fault for getting out of the way.”

“It wasn’t my fault!” Kevin complained getting up.

“Was too.” Simon insisted.   

“Was not.”

“Was too.”

“Was not.”

In the middle of the discussion, Spring started laughing while wiping her face.

Theo sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” She was still laughing and then noticed that the boys had stopped fighting and were staring at her. “But I guess my make-up is ruined now.”

“You’re still pretty.” Kevin offered; his cheeks coloring up.

“Oh?” Spring brought her face close to his. “Well now, thank you.” She kissed his soft lips. “I’m all honored for a handsome young man like yourself think that.”

Kevin smiled fully, pleased that she had called him ‘young man’.

“I’m going to be seven in September.” He said proudly.

“So? I’m going to be nine in November.” Simon said, not wanting to be left behind.

Spring looked at him. “Oh, but I’m surrounded by handsome young men.”

Theo breathed in the scene, saying nothing at all.

“You’re Spring, right?” Simon asked, wanting to show her he knew about things. “Mama kept saying all the way here how we were supposed to behave because Uncle Theo was bringing a girl for lunch. Uncle Theo has never brought a girl here before.”

“Really?” Spring grinned when Theo coughed aloud.

“That’s it. Let’s go inside.” He said, narrowing his eyes at his older nephew.

“But now that I’m getting along with your family?” She teased.

Knowing well that look, he narrowed his eyes at her too. “Yeah, now.”

They started walking toward the porch and Kevin hurried to match his step with hers. “You’re Uncle Theo’s girlfriend?”

“How come he isn’t holding your hand if you’re his girlfriend?” Simon demanded.

“Yes, Theo. How come?” She grinned again.

Theo rolled his eyes and took her hand. “Oh, great. I’m already being embarrassed by my small nephews.”

“You are not supposed to roll your eyes at her.” Simon declared, wanting to show he was wise. “Mama hit Daddy’s head with a pan when he did that to her one time.”

“Um. Can you lend me your pistol instead?” Spring asked while Theo rolled his eyes again.

Kevin gave her his first. “Take mine! Mine is better!”

“They’re the same, stupid.” Simon pushed his brother aside and offered Spring his.

“They’re not!”

“Are too.”

“Are not.”

“Are too.”

“What’s going on…? Oh, hey.” Nina opened the door when she heard her children’s voices and smiled when she saw them. “You must be Spring.”

Spring felt a little flutter around her heart. At least she didn’t need and try to impress the kids; they were already impressed because she was an outsider. The adults were the difficult ones.

“Hello.” She smiled shyly.

Theo arched a brow to that; she was never shy. “This is my sister, Nina.”

“You look even prettier face to face.” Nina said and enveloped Spring in a warm hug. “I’m so happy to meet you.”

“Thank you.” Spring immediately relaxed. “But you’re being nice. My make-up is probably all wrong because of the water.”

“Water?” Nina eyed her children warily.

As their heads went down in unison, Spring explained. “It was just an accident. Nothing major.” She winked at them. “And it’s a hot day, isn’t it?”

“See, mom? It’s a hot day.” Simon grinned. “And Uncle Theo said ‘goddammit’.”

Theo eyed him. “You’re trying to make me mad, kid? There’ll be payback later.”

“Stop you two.” Nina threw a look at Theo. “Let’s pretend we’re a happy, polite family. Come inside, Spring. I’ll show you to the bathroom.”

Spring let herself be led by Nina. Behind them they could hear the children laughing while Theo assaulted their bellies with his fingers.

Spring wanted to look nice at least for Theo’s mom. Nina showed her to the bathroom and waited for her outside, barely containing her excitement.

Theo appeared and stared at her bouncing leg. “Nina, please, don’t push her, ok?”

“When did I do that to you?” She asked innocently.

“Never. Because I never gave you the chance.”

“So. How do you know I’m going to now?”

Theo brushed a hand over his face. “Just be nice like any normal sister. I’m going to warn mom to behave.”

Nina smiled at his back and whispered. “But you forget I’m not a normal sister, brother mine. Oh, hi!” She exclaimed happily when Spring got out. “Well, you look stunning now!”

Spring smiled. “Thanks. I found a lipstick inside the drawer and I put it on, I forgot mine at Theo’s. I hope you don’t mind.”

More than pleased with the precious information, Nina glowed and hooked her arm with her sister-in-law’s. “Of course not, you’re at home here. The color looks beautiful on you. Mom is right by the kitchen; she has said marvelous things about you.”

“Nina, where is the knife I asked?” A blonde man approached them and smiled when he saw Spring. “Hello. You must be Theo’s girlfriend. You’re the first he ever brings home.”

She wasn’t less embarrassed to hear that than the first time and grabbed the hand he offered. “Nice to meet you. And… um… Thank you, I guess.”

As the man laughed, Nina explained. “This is Dale, my husband. I couldn’t get rid of him.” She smiled teasingly.

He circled her waist with his arm. “You couldn’t get off my back, you mean.”

After they kissed, Spring said. “I met your children. They look just like you.”

Dale smiled the I’m-a-big-man smile. “Yes, they do.”

Nina growled. “And I was the one who went on fifteen hours of labor. Each.”

“Think of it this way, baby.” He started. “If we get divorced, I could never even ask for a DNA test to get rid of the pension.”

Nina punched him in the arm. “Go back to the steaks, you smart-ass. I’m hungry.”

Dale winked at Spring. “She is always hungry. I’m thinking that there’s a third baby on the way. Another copy of mine.”

He left laughing aloud when Nina threatened to cut off a vital part of his anatomy. Spring tried to disguise her laugh, but Theo’s sister gave in to it too after Dale was out of sight.

“He infuriates me and makes me laugh with a disturbingly frequency.” She confessed.

Spring stared at her. “And you are crazy about him.”

Nina melted and her smile was soft. “I really am.” And then she grinned at her. “We’re going to get along really well, sister-in-law. You already read me perfectly.”   

“Not really. It’s just written all over you.”

Nina nodded. “Yeah. And you want to know a secret? Actually there’s a third baby on the way, but Dale doesn’t know it yet.”


Theo watched Spring offering to help his mother in the kitchen and Sue glowing in delight in response. They disappeared inside the house together along with Nina and he took a long pull from his beer. He hoped his mama had understood what he tried to say with ‘don’t even think about mentioning marriage to her, mom’.

Travis approached his son standing in the yard after taking a beer for himself, because his wife wasn’t around to rattle him about it.

“What’s up, son.”

“Hey, Dad.” Theo nodded at him. “Nothing much, actually.”

Travis inclined his head to one side. “You look a little worried over there.”

Theo watched Simon and Kevin disputing about who was going to help their father fry the steaks and Dale repeating patiently that both of them could do it.

“Don’t I have a reason? I’m pretty sure mom is going to bring up something that’ll embarrass me.”

The older man suppressed a smile. “Give your mother a little credit. And besides, seems to me the girl can take the probing just fine.”

“I don’t want her to take anything.” Theo said a little fiercely. “Look, we only know each other two weeks. This is not the time for this kind of thing.”

“Um.” Travis sipped his beer. “Seems to me you went pretty fast on taking her defense. Kind of weird for a two-weeks-couple.” 

“There are a lot things seeming to you lately.” Theo replied bitterly and cursed when his father grinned. “I’m in love with her, Dad. It’s terrifying.”

“That it is.” Travis agreed. “But you always could take on a challenge smoothly. The odds are in your favor.”

Theo stared at him with eyes so honestly scared that the older man wanted to grin again. “What do you mean?”

“It’s not going to be so complicated in order that she is in love with you too.”

“You think so?” He swallowed hard.

“Oh, I know so.” Travis looked at his son-in-law trying to break apart his grandchildren from a fight. “What do you want, Theo?”

He started speaking and cursed when his voice was hoarse. “I want to marry her.” He hesitated, baffled by his own words. “This is insane. We only know each other for two weeks.”

Travis nodded. “Yes, young people. Losing the best of life by being so damn meticulous about everything. You know how long it took me to know your mother was the one?”

Theo swallowed again. “No.”

“Five minutes, boy. Five minutes and one look from her. And Sue complains to this day that I was too long.” He smiled.

“Those were other times.” Theo tried to be reasonable and cursed for the millionth time. “I don’t even know what her favorite color is!” 

Travis arched a brow. “I hope my boy is smart enough to remember about the important things. Do you know how to make her smile, son? If you do, then that’s it.”

Spring strode out of the house on that moment and put the salad on the picnic table. She saw Theo and went to him, giving him a quick kiss.

She too was glowing. “Your sister is going to teach me how to make the apple pie.”

The look she gave him made him wish they were alone so he could show her how pleased he was by the news. He had a few interesting ideas about that special pie and… Certain parts of Spring’s body.

He chose to kiss her instead, and because the discussion with his head was fresh on his mind, it was bit more intense than he intended. “I will have to thank her for the rest of my life.”

Because she knew what he meant and was starting to feel a little hot, she turned to Travis and to the beer on his hand. “Sue asked me to make sure you were not drinking.”

“Oh.” Travis made a face. “I suppose you are one of those women who stick close together.”

Spring bit her lip. “It happens that I am, but…” She stood on her feet and pressed her lips to his cheek. “I also remember well about certain gentleman calling me ‘an angel with a warrior’s stamina’. For the time being, I’m gonna cover for him.”

Spring flashed another grin at Theo and started walking, but then turned again. “Just be aware, Travis. Sue is coming out in a little bit.”

Both men watched as she walked back inside.

Travis grinned fully. “If you don’t take that woman, son, somebody else will come and get her. Soon.”

Theo was still staring at the door. “Not going to happen, Dad. I’m not letting her go.” 


Theo’s family was a lousy one. They talked, teased, laughed and fought even when they were eating.

Spring didn’t remember ever having had a better time.

Because she was really hungry, she didn’t listen to her conscience and made a generous plate.

Sue seemed extremely please. “See, Nina? She isn’t one of those skinny-just-eat-carrots-girls. Even if she’s a dancer and an actress. That’s so good!”

“Mom.” Theo warned.

“Oh, what did I say?” Sue complained.

“No, I’m definitely not.” Spring laughed even as Theo shook his head. She searched his hand above the table. “I truly believe that food is one of the best things in life.”

“Video game is the best!” Kevin said with his mouth full, received a look from his mother and apologized with a shy smile.

“No, it isn’t. Computer is the best.” Simon insisted.

“Is not.” 

“Is too.”

“Is not.” 

“Is too.”

“Enough.” Nina eyed her sons. “So, Spring… My father said that he and mom went to see your play. Dad said you were amazing. I think I will go see this for myself.”

“If you get to convince me of going, you mean.” Dale put in.

“I know just how to convince you.” Nina smiled sweetly. 

Theo rolled his eyes. “For God’s sake, your sons are hearing that.”

Nina shrugged. “They don’t know what I mean.”

“Yes, we do.” They said in unison.

Nina eyed them and then eyed her husband with a mortal look. “And how exactly they have come to know it?”

Dale was pretty calm. “There are certain things men need to learn still young…”

“Oh, Jesus Christ.” Travis rubbed his forehead. “I don’t need to know about you having sex with my daughter.” 

Dale narrowed his eyes. “Thank you a lot. I explained to them that we had had a pillow war.”

Travis went red while Nina stared at him accusingly.

“What’s sex?” Simon demanded.

“Is it a game?” Kevin asked excited. “Can we play it too?”

Spring brought a napkin to her mouth to hide the chuckle.

Sue shook her head. “That was just dandy, Travis.”

“It’s a game for adults, Kevin.” Theo tried to fix the mess his father had made. “You’re going to understand it when you’re older.”

“I’m big enough. I want to understand it now.” Simon demanded again, sitting back. When no one answered, he turned to Spring. “Do you know that sex is?”

Spring gagged with her lemonade. “Uh?” 

Simon was impatient. “How come you don’t know what sex is if you’re an adult?”

Nina sighed. “Enough of this subject, Simon. Finish your meal.”

But he was still waiting for an answer from Spring. “So?”  

Dale intervened. “That’s it, buddy. Let’s finish eating so we can go and play some football. I remember you saying something about kicking my” He stopped speaking when his wife glared at him. “head. Did you mean it or not? I’m not going to make it ease for neither you nor your brother.”

Simon turned to his dad, grinning. “You’re old! I run faster!” 

Dale arched a brow. “Am I, now? Just finish your meal and we’ll se about that.”

Both Simon and Kevin, who had been paying attention to the discussion, resumed eating again.

Nina was offended. “Oh, that’s just great. No one wants to obey mom, but daddy speaks, then it’s all forgotten. That’s unfair.”

Her husband smiled. “It’s a guy thing, baby. You can’t understand it.”

“Oh, you arrogant son of a…”

“No bad words allowed.” Theo reminded her with a smile.

“Shut up! You’re a man, just like him!” She said and when her breath hitched, she took another one slowly.

Dale immediately went serious. “What’s it, love? I was just teasing, I’m sorry.”

“Nothing, I’m all right.” She guaranteed, seeing the worry in his eyes. “Lost my breath, that’s all.”

“Are you okay, mommy?” Simon took her hand. “Don’t get mad. I won’t ask questions anymore, I swear.”

She smiled at him, her maternal heart bleeding a little. “I’m fine, baby. I can’t get mad at you for a long time, you know that.”

After the peace was restored, Theo observed. “You used to lose your breath all the time when you were pregnant, remember? Just couldn’t stop cursing at everybody.”

Spring glared at him accusingly and so did his sister.

“What?” He asked, confused.

Nina murmured. “You had to spoil the surprise.”

Dale stared. “Are you pregnant?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to tell you this way…”

“Why the hell didn’t you tell me?” Dale took her the shoulders, forgetting about the no-cursing-rule. “Have you seen a doctor? Are you all right? Have you done all the exams? The baby is fine? Are there any restrictions? You should be with your feet up! Why your feet are not up?”  

“And that’s why I didn’t tell you.” She declared tired. “You’re going to torment me all over again. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice until the eighth month or so.”

“Do you think this is a joke?” He demanded aloud.

Kevin tugged at his brother’s shirt. “Why is Dad mad?”

“It’s nod a bad mad, it’s a good mad.” Spring explained gently. “He’s just scared a bit. And worried. You’re going to have a brother or a sister.”

Simon made a face. “Another one to drive me crazy? Oh, great.”

Kevin ignored the comment. There were stars in his eyes. “I’m not gonna be the ‘baby son’ anymore.”

“See that, Theo?” Sue pointed a finger at him. “Your sister is having another baby and I don’t have any grandchild from my son. Do you think this is fair to me?”

He didn’t like where that was heading. “Fair to you? Now, wait a second…” 

“Don’t you agree with me, Spring, darling?” Sue maneuvered in a way she thought was pretty smoothly.

Travis stopped with the fork halfway to his mouth, Dale and Nina stared, and even Simon and Kevin stayed quiet as if sensing something.

“Do you want you to have babies, don’t you?” She probed.

Theo went pale. “Mom!”

“Oh, what now?” She asked impatiently. “You said that I wasn’t supposed to bring up marriage, and I’m not. I’m talking about babies instead. I’m following our deal.” She brushed a hand at him. “Now, shut up and let me talk to the girl. So, honey, do you want babies? I know it’s compromising for you because of the dance, but you want someday, don’t you?”

Spring felt weirdly that a negative answer wasn’t allowed anyway. “Well, I… Yes, someday.”

Dale and Nina were hiding grins as Sue nodded with satisfaction.

“See, Theo? What was the entire fret about? No harm done. You were the one making a big deal out of it.”

“I can’t believe you did that.” He was shaking his head in misery.

Spring put a hand on his shoulder. “It was just a question, Theo. What’s the matter?”

And she liked the girl more and more, Sue was thinking happily. “See, baby? Just a question. No problem at all. Now, now. Shall I bring the desserts? Will you help me, Spring, my dear?”

“Sure.” She kissed Theo on the cheek, but he didn’t look at her. “Don’t be such man about it.” She whispered in his ear. “It wasn’t that bad.”

Then she got up, smiled at Sue and followed her inside.

“Yes, little brother…” Nina started. “You chose really well. If she could deal with mom’s direct probing like that, you have no choice. Go on and marry the girl. Better you will not find.”

“Neither more comprehensive.” Dale added. 

“Uncle Theo, you’re getting married?” Kevin asked curiously.

Simon said more. “Will she be our aunt now?”

Theo let his head down on the table. “Oh, God. Not the kids too.”

Travis laid a hand on his shoulder in solidarity. “Yeah, son. That’s our family.”


Later, after Theo went to pick up Spring at the theater and they were back in his apartment, he was still quiet.

She made a deal earlier with herself that she wouldn’t bring up the subject, but seeing that he wouldn’t let it go, decided to say something.

They were watching a movie. Between them, there was a bucket of popcorn. She motioned it out of the way and got closer to him.



“Cut the bullshit immediately or I’m really going to get mad at you.”

He looked at her. “What’s the problem?”

“Oh, do you want to know what the problem is? I’ll tell you what it is. I can count in one hand the number of words you said to me after we left you parent’s house. You said it was okay for me to go!”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

She waited and narrowed her eyes when he didn’t say anything more. “That’s it?”

“What do you want me to say?”

She hated that stupid sentence. “Screw you!”

He cursed when she left the room and went after her. Apparently they were having their first fight. Theo couldn’t say that he cared for it.

When he got in the bedroom, she was thrusting her clothes in her backpack.

He instantly grew alarmed. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” She answered fiercely and started looking around the room.

“Spring, it’s not necessary for you to go…”   

She kneeled and put her head under the bed. “Well, I don’t always do what’s necessary.”

“Wait. Just a minute…” He started toward her, but she got up and started walking around the room. “Spring, let’s talk a minute.”

Now do you want to talk? Newsflash for you, I’m done with talking.”

“But I didn’t get my chance to explain…”

“No? You didn’t get your chance?” She looked at him. “And what was that about ‘what do you want me to say’? I hate this fucking sentence. And where are my fucking shoes?”

Theo saw that her shoes were under the armchair close to the window, but obviously he wasn’t going to point that out. She was just going to leave faster.

“Baby, calm down a sec and let’s…”

“No! I’m out of here.”

Theo couldn’t understand why she was so mad that way, he really couldn’t.

“Screw the shoes.” Feet bare, she threw the backpack over her shoulder and started for the door.

Theo got there faster, closed it and stood in front of it. “Spring…”

“Move.” She warned.

He knew it was the worst time for that kind of thought, but couldn’t help noticing that she looked amazing while angry.

“I can’t let you go.” Theo meant more with that.

She stared at him and stared at the doorknob. When Spring tried to be fast and pass by him, Theo locked his arms around her waist and threw her over his shoulder like a real caveman.

“Stop! Let go of me! I’m going to scream!”

Theo threw her on the bed and pinned her arms and legs with his body. She was furious and cursed all the time trying to get free.

“We’re going to talk first and then if you still want to go, I’ll let you. I promise.”

“No! I can’t believe you really manhandled me this way!”

“I’m sorry.” And he was. “But it was the only way you were going to listen. I’m going to relax the grip now, okay?”

She nodded and he did.


“Why did you lie to me?” She started and her voice was low. “You said it was okay for me to meet your family and obviously it wasn’t.”

“But it was. I didn’t lie when I said you’re important to me. It’s just that…” He looked into her eyes. “I’m embarrassed. And I was scared they were going to say something bad, like it happened. I love my family, but they just don’t get it that not everyone can deal well with the ‘pushover routine’. I just… I don’t want to lose you.”

“Oh, Theo… I… Can you let go of my arms?”

“Of course. Sorry…”

She clutched his face between her hands. “You’re not going to lose me. That’s a ridiculously silly thought. I told you before that I’m not uncomfortable often and I loved your family. There’s nothing they could have said that it could change the way I feel about you. Even if they were bad the way you apparently fear. You should have had faith in me. And mostly, faith in you. How could I let a guy like you let you go?”

“You were going to. Three minutes ago.”

“I wasn’t. I was going to let you stew for a couple of hours and then finally answer your phone calls. You were going to call, weren’t you?”

Recognizing the threat in her eyes, he grinned. “Absolutely. I would call, text, e-mail and then serenade under your window.”

Spring laughed. “Oh, I can’t believe I’ve lost that! Can we fight again and then follow your plan?”

“No way.” Theo said and then lowered his lips to hers.

They kissed for a long time and Spring spoke. “Theo, just promise me something? Don’t hide anything from me. If you have a problem or are unsure about anything, just talk to me about it, okay? I hate not knowing. I start creating sceneries in my head and they’re not pretty.”

“I promise.” He kissed her temples, one and then the other. “And I also promise to remember never to ask ‘what do you want me to say’. Forbidden sentence at all times.”

She laughed again. “Yeah, be sure to remember that.”

“You were pretty mad, Spring Hurricane. Got me scared.”

“I’m an intense person.”

“In all aspects.”

Spring grinned. “True. But I don’t get mad often, I don’t like it at all. Though there are those things that I can’t stand, I’ll tell about it someday.”

“Like what?” Theo stared at her, uncertainly.

“Like… Don’t you ever even think about cheating on me. I’ll find out sooner or later, and you’ll regret it deeply.”

“That’s ridiculous. Who would I cheat on you with? You’re the best.”

She circled his neck with her arms. “That’s a pretty clever way of answering this, handsome Theo. But you know, there’s an advantage of us fighting.”

“I don’t see one. You get mad and I get guilty.” He wrinkled his nose.

She chuckled. “Oh, but there is.” Spring approached to speak close to his ear. “It’s called make-up sex.”

Theo could feel his whole body agreeing with that. “Um. In that case, I can reconsider my opinion on the subject.”

She caught his earlobe between her teeth and circled his hip with her legs. “I’m sure you can. And you want to know the best of it? I’m really intense in that too.”

He grinned at her and kissed her mouth hard. “Prove it to me.”

“Is this a dare?” She raised a brow.

“What do you think?”

“Well, well, well… I’m not one to refuse a direct challenge like that.”

He heard a sound far away and lifted his head. “Wait. We let the movie still…” Theo growled when Spring unzipped his jeans and gripped him. “Screw the movie.”


When Theo finally regained his sanity, he found himself lying on his back and his head hanging off the bed.

He was panting hard and his heart was pounding loud. “I think I’m having a heart attack.” He heard her chuckling and felt her foot caressing his legs. “Don’t laugh, will you not help me?”

“No. You dared me, now you pay the price.” She lay beside him, head on his shoulder and her hand above his heart. “I’m really glad I met you, Theo. And I never thought that my constant fight with the watch would bring something good in return.”

He lifted his head and moved until it lay on the pillow. “I’m really glad I met you too. You were truly a hurricane in my life. But you built something instead of destroying it.”

There were tears in her eyes. “You always say the nicest things.”

“Don’t cry.” He warned uneasily, but she started crying anyway. “Spring, please. Don’t do that.”

She smiled. “Trouble with feminine tears?”

“With all kind of tears.” He stared at her worriedly and started massaging her hip without a clue what he could do to help.  

“You’re the sweetest of all, you know. And don’t worry, I’m crying because I’m happy. I’m so happy.”

“Then smile. You can make fun of me if that will help.”

“And you are the cutest of all too. Just hold me, Theo. Okay?”

He nodded and brought her close, caressing her hair, shoulders, neck, back… He felt her shuddering and relaxing.

Theo tried to think of something to say to get her mind off whatever she was thinking that was making her cry. “You know… You never got to tell me the story behind your name.”

She grinned. “There’s no story. My mother loves different names and my father likes to please her. I just said that so I could get you interested and then you’d call me.”

“Yeah?” He looked at her curiously. “You’re definitely a slick one, Spring Hurricane. But let me confess a secret: I was interested the minute I saw you.”

She stared at him and sighed a little. “When did I get so lucky?”

“The moment I did.” 

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