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Quarta Parte 

Theo didn’t get to see Spring on Sunday night and in result he went to work on Monday in a full mood. He knew it was a ridiculous response; that she had been tired because of the play and all, but it was a matter of feeling so he couldn’t rationalize it. 

He missed her. It was fucking ridiculous, but he did. Theo started considering what the hell had she done to him to get him that deep that fast. When he was awake he thought of her, and he was asleep he dreamed about her. 

Couldn’t he get a fucking break here?


“What?” He snapped.

Jason, his colleague, stepped back and raised his hands. “Wow, don’t shoot the messenger. I just brought the ideas from Mr. Thompson for the condominium.”

Theo sighed, shook his head and accepted the paper. “Sorry. I’m in a bad mood today. Thanks, I’ll take a look.” 

“Yeah. You’re really ok? Wanna a bottle of water or something?”

Noticing that he still had a wary look on his face, Theo forced smiled. “No, I’m fine.”

He turned to his table again, cursing under his breath. He needed to concentrate on his work and forget Spring for a bit. Theo checked his phone again, worried that his mother hadn’t called yet.

What the hell was the woman planning?  

His cell vibrated, alerting a new message. Theo opened it.

Sorry for yesterday. I’ll compensate next weekend.
Know that I’m thinking of you.
I’m anxious to know how you changed the world today.
I’ll call tonight so you can tell me.
Missing you,

Yours, Spring Hurricane.

Did he actually thought she’d let him try to forget her for a bit? Theo grinned, put the phone back on the table, grinned some more. He knew what she did for getting him that deep, even if it was without intent.

She just had to be her.


The whole week passed without a single sign from his mother. Theo was totally considering that as a red alert. On Friday, as he waited for Spring to call him as they had planned, he called Sue.

She answered happily as always and complained about him not calling during the week. Theo looked for signs that accused her of something, but there was nothing. When he finished the call, he was even more worried. There was no way his mother would ignore the photo situation.

Hell would freeze up first.

It was half past nine when Spring texted him and immediately he was out the door. As soon as he parked the car in front of the theater she saw him. Spring smiled, waved and said goodbye to the girls she had been talking to. Theo recognized them from the play and waved in hello.

He got out of the car so he could open the door for Spring. She kissed him long and deep before entering, attracting some curious glances. Theo couldn’t care less about it.

“So, how was it?” He asked as he started the car.

Spring was glowing in happiness. “Perfect. I couldn’t possibly believe that could get better, but it happened.” She murmured and sighed. “And you won’t believe who I met today!”

Theo stopped at a red sign and looked at her, enjoying her enthusiasm. “Who?”

“Your parents!” She exclaimed. “They came to see the play and then they searched for me afterwards.”

Theo thanked God for having stopped the car or they would be in a serious accident by that time. He could not believe it. “My parents went to see your play?”

“Yes, that’s what I said.” She went by without noticing his shock. “Sue was so nice, complimenting me a million times for the show and your father just looked at me like in a dazzle, you know? That was so sweet. And he even said that he didn’t like theater, but I changed his mind.” Spring paused and sniffed. “I teared up right there, embarrassing myself and Sue offered me a tissue.”

Theo was listening to her explanation, but he was in a dazzle himself. What the hell his mother was thinking? What – the – hell? She went past every single limit, attacking Spring without having the decency to warn him first so he could prepare her. His mother used to have principles. He couldn’t believe it.

“Theo, what’s it?”

“I’m sorry for that.” He offered shyly.

Spring raised a brow. “Uh?”

“My mom saw our picture on Facebook. That’s why she went to the play, to meet you. She has in her head that I’m supposed to be getting married and having babies, so she tries to match me up with every single sane woman she knows. I was hoping that she would confront me at some time, but I didn’t think… I didn’t think she would play so low as to go after you this way. I mean, how did she get to know you were in this play anyway?” He shook his head. “I’m really sorry.”

She went silence for a bit. “I liked your parents. You don’t have anything to be sorry about. Sue treated me so well and I’m not sorry I met any of them.” She paused and then added. “Are you?”

“No. God, no. That’s not it.” He said knowing where her thoughts were heading. Cursing, Theo parked the car by the side of the road. “Look, Spring. That’s not that I don’t want you to meet them, it’s just that my mom can be really inconvenient some times. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or pressured. That’s all.”

“But she didn’t said anything like that. She was really gentle. And even if she in fact mentions something, I’d probably just think the situation all funny.” She smiled. “It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable, Theo. And pressured? Hell, no way.”

He wanted to press the subject insisting that she didn’t know his mother, but couldn’t seeing that she had gotten her good mood back.

Theo nodded. “Ok, then. Come here.” He lifted her shin, but Spring kissed him first. “Where do you want to go? Are you tired?”

“I’d really like to see your place.” She suggested, looking at him.

“Yeah, sure.” He started the car again. “Lucky for me that I tidied it up tonight.”

She laughed with him, but inside her head Spring was actually considering that he hadn’t understand her true meaning.


Theo offered to carry her bag as they got out the car at his building’s garage. Her backpack was not all that heavy, but she allowed because she knew it pleased him to help her in any way.

He linked their fingers and they walked hand in hand to the reception. Theo said hello to the doorman and introduced Spring, which had her thinking they must be friends somehow. The man smiled at her, but she thought he had stared as if knowing what she was planning to do.

Or maybe it was just her nerves.

Theo let her get in the elevator first and he did the same thing as they went out. Reaching the door, he unlocked it and offered for her to pass. She was really melting with the entire chivalry thing going, but decided he wasn’t pretending anything. It was really just Theo. 

And that made everything even more special.

He closed the door, turned on the light and offered to take her coat. Spring thanked him and while at it, looked around. The first thought that came to her head was that Theo was probably a great architect.

His furniture was not only impressive, but elegant too. He had good taste, but this Spring already knew.

“You really tidied it up.” She joked, looking at him.

Theo sent her a lazy smile. “Well, I do my best.”

As she laughed, Theo took off his own coat. “Do you want a tour or a drink first?”

She almost screamed. “Tour!”

“I had an idea that was going to be your choice.” 

He leaded her to every room where she complimented on a mobile or a specific wall’s design. She loved the black wall in his bathroom. When Spring reached the last room, she was trembling with excitement.

Theo announced proudly. “This was supposed to be a guest room, but… As I’m incredibly selfish and egocentric, I transformed this into my personal world.” That being said, he opened the door and motioned Spring inside. “And my definition of paradise is here.”   

Spring gasped. In front of her eyes, there was a comfortable couch above a fluffy carpet and a huge TV with DVD, videocassette and home theater. Behind that, there was the largest case she had ever seen. There were mountains of DVDs and CDs. 

“Oh.” She managed.

Theo smiled. “Yes. I’m a movie, music, and game maniac. I like to read too, but I have a Kindle: it saves space.”

“You are obsessed with music, movies and you know theater slangs.” Spring turned around and looked deep in his eyes. “Theo, you’re my soul mate.” She said with the voice full of emotion.

His lips curved. “Yeah?”

She nodded, biting her lip. “Yeah.”

“My mom is going to love that.”

Spring grinned and soon was laughing hard. Theo grinned back and circled her waist with his arm. “Come, soul mate. Let’s get that drink now.”


Spring came to know that Theo was really the stereotype man when the subject was food: ‘hate making it, love eating it’. She volunteered to prepare something for them, but was met with an almost-empty fridge.

“Sorry ‘bout that. If I knew you’d be coming, I’d have grabbed some food and claimed as my own work. I know this restaurant that’d have been perfect for it. You’d have been amazed by me.” He explained sheepishly.

She smirked and Theo watched as she sipped her beer. The woman had had the option of wine, but like him, had opted for a cold beer. She was so the girl for him. 

“Well, is this restaurant of yours still open yet? I’m starving. And as a good host I hope you to be, you have to feed me.”


Twenty minutes later they were eating sitting in the kitchen. The food was every bit as good as Theo claimed it was and when meeting her empty stomach, it seemed even more spectacular.

“So… What do you think of it?”

“I’d have been truly amazed.” Spring confessed.

They talked a little while they ate, but mostly their mouths were occupied. They finished their beers and Theo went to get new ones. Wanting to be useful, she took the paper boxes where they ate the Italian food.

“You know, Theo…” She started and thanked him when he opened the bottle for her. “I forgot to mention. Your mother invited me for lunch on Sunday.”

It took every bit of his control not to gag. “She did?”

“Yes.” She sipped and watched him carefully. “If you don’t want me to go, you’d better say so now. I was truly considering it.”

She didn’t say that she had already accepted, because it wouldn’t do to pressure him. Spring still wasn’t entirely sure if Theo was cool with the idea of her interacting with his parents.

“It’s fine, really.” She went on when he didn’t answer. “We only know each other for what… Two weeks?”

“Almost.” He sipped his beer, wanting to know where exactly she was heading.

“Yeah. That’s fine if you think it’s too soon or something.” She shrugged, feigning a serene expression. “I know that usually men think that we get the wrong idea if they take us to meet his family and all. And it’s fine if you do, I mean… No big deal for me. I just wouldn’t want to hurt your mother’s feelings. Maybe if you could come up with something to say to her?”

He barely hid his smile. “I notice that you’re already taking that I’d say no.” 

“But that’s fine if you do. I just wanted to establish that.”   

“You did.” He moved toward her. “Pretty much, actually. You said ‘fine’ four times.”

Knowing that he was making fun of her, Spring sipped her beer again. “Whatever.”

He grinned now and left his beer on the counter. Theo touched her hip and brought her closer. “You’re such a terrible liar.”

He closed his mouth over hers before she could say something. He used his lips slowly to tease hers and only when he felt her melting against him, brought his tongue on the game. Spring sighed and shifted closer to him, putting an arm around his neck.

“Do you want to meet my family, Spring Hurricane?” He asked softly, brushing her cheek with his thumb.

She sighed again and, almost guiltily, nodded. “I really do.”  

“Then I want you to meet them.” He teased his mouth over hers one more time. “I’m just afraid that after that you’ll never want to see me again.”

She smiled slowly and stroked his nape. “How could I do that, handsome Theo? You’re my soul mate, remember?”

“Yeah, I do.” He caught her bottom lip between his teeth and nibbled gently. “Just stop filling your beautiful mind with silly thoughts. You’re really important to me.”

“Am I?”

“Yes.” And he was totally serious about that. “And just so you can be sure, I’ll do something I never did for anyone: I’ll share with you the slice of apple pie my sister Nina brought to me just yesterday. I never share, I’m really selfish – I’ve told you about it.”

“You did.”

Theo opened his fridge and took the plate out of it. “Here it is. I’m positively sure it’s just delicious – my sister is quite a genius in the kitchen, like my mother, but don’t tell her I said that.” He put the plate on the counter and got two forks. “Now, this is a proof of how much you mean to me. Like I said, I never share, but I’ll do it because it’s you.”

“What an honor.” She smirked.

“You’re right to feel that way.” He confirmed, throwing her a small smile. “Now, open your mouth for me and I’ll take you to heaven.”

She did just that and Theo offered a tiny bite to her.

Spring closed her eyes and moaned her satisfaction. That was really good, but what was even better was the lust she saw in his eyes when she opened hers. Theo ignored the other one and brought a piece of pie to his mouth with the same fork without taking his eyes of her face. He tasted the sweet. And Spring. 

“Good?” He asked her.

“Just like a sin.” She answered with a smirk that was truly the forbidden fruit.

“Want some more?”

“Please.” She closed her eyes and opened her mouth in invitation.

It was all he could do not to cover those full, sexy lips with his own.

He continued feeding her and him that same way as they pretended not to notice each other’s evident intentions.

When there was just one more piece, Spring took the fork. “My turn. Close your eyes and open your mouth.” 

He wanted to grin, but did as she ordered. Theo waited for the sweet taste, but felt warm lips against his instead. Oh, that was definitely better. He brought her hips to his as she circled his neck with her arms. Spring opened her mouth and then he felt the pie right there on her tongue. It was even sweeter.

Turning, he pressed her body against the counter and took a slow journey with his tongue inside her mouth. Wanting to feel, Theo dared to bring her blouse a little higher and touched his fingers to her belly. She trembled. He brought his mouth just an inch lower, to her chin and he caught the skin between his teeth.

She purred. “Theo…”

He touched his mouth back to hers. “Yes?”

Spring thought she would burst into flames when she heard the husky tone in his voice. “I guess… I’d like you to show me your room again.”

He paused slightly and stared at her intently just to make sure she meant what he thought. Spring felt a tingle in her spine when realization came into his look. Theo closed his eyes and touched his forehead to hers.

“Gimme five?”


He smiled, kissed her hard. “I’ll be right back.”

He left her then and Spring took a deep breath. She was not just hot, she was aching. Was that normal? She couldn’t possibly believe so as she clutched her belly. He made her ache. A good ache, if that made any sense, but an ache nonetheless.

Trying not to concentrate on that, she wondered why he would need time. What was he doing? It was not like the bedroom was messy and he wanted to make a good impression. He had already showed it to her earlier and the room was pretty great. She didn’t take her time surveying it ‘cause she was nervous knowing it was his bedroom.

She was entitled to, she imagined. Spring had known in her heart that she would get to know more of the place before the night ended. As she got to think about it, dryness invaded her throat.

She was going to sleep with Theo.

Spring could barely suppress the giggles or the sudden wish to jump like a teenager. That was what happened when she was nervous and was left by herself. She retreated in time. God, she wished he hadn’t left her. If he was kissing her – and making her ache more – she wouldn’t be thinking stupid things. She wouldn’t be thinking, period.

Why was it taking him so long?

Spring forced herself not to pace while she waited, not wanting him to know she was anxious like that. She was not a virgin, for Christ’s sake. She hadn’t had many experiences, but she had had her share of them. But the whole deal with Theo was different, that was why it mattered so much. He mattered.

God, not even at her first time she was nervous like this.

Even as she instructed herself not to, she paced. That was how he found her. Four and half minutes later. Yeah, he was counting the damned minutes to be with her. Theo knew it was not very nice of him, but he was happy he wasn’t the only one with nerves around.

He called gently. “Spring?”

She jumped. Oh, God. She actually humiliated herself by jumping, as if she wasn’t waiting for him to show up. She was so pathetic.    

He offered his hand and she took it immediately. Spring could already feel his touch easing her body. She smiled at him. He smiled back. And that was that. It was right. It felt right.

Theo linked their fingers and leaded the way.

He opened the door for her and motioned her inside. Spring could instantly feel the warm inside the room. Dazzled, she stared dumfounded the trick of light the candles he scattered around the room made in contrast with the dark.

Low music was playing from the stereo. She recognized it and grinned widely at him because he remembered. My girl. From the Brazilian singer called Tiago Iorc. They had danced this song at the club almost a week before.

“It reminds me of you.” He explained quietly.

Spring remembered that he had said so at the time and he said so now. Unable to resist, she looked at the room again. It was small thing, she knew, but it was so considerate. It was just so him. Always wanting to make things more beautiful. And this time, he did it just for her.    

He touched her cheek with the back of his hand. “You are so beautiful.”

We are.”

Theo kissed her then, slowly, brushing the skin of her face with his fingers. He was seducing her. She felt seduced. He touched. She melted. He turned and stopped behind her. He kissed the skin under her earlobe, sucking it softly and as he circled her waist with both arms, indicated the window above the bed.

“See there? I pulled the drapes.” He murmured gently and they both observed the night sky. “That way you can watch the moon while I make love to you.”

Spring rested her head on his shoulder, in total surrender. The simply beauty of it brought tears to her eyes. She would think later that that was the right moment when she fell in love with him.

She sighed contented and turned to him. “You are so cute.”

Theo feigned a face. “You have to spoil the moment.”

She laughed, she couldn’t help it. Spring kissed him, felt his arms come around her and his body presses hers. Such strength of feeling, such pull of emotion. On that moment, there wasn’t a couple in the world who fit quite as perfectly as they did.

Spring stared into his soul, right through his eyes. “Make love to me, Theo.”

This time, she was the one who approached first. In a slow motion, her fingers began to undo the buttons of his shirt. She kept her mouth hovering over his face until she had removed the fabric from him and it fell to the ground.

Spring had a moment to look, discovering muscles and that the hair on his chest was clearer than on his head but equally soft. Soon it was her turn and Theo pulled her t-shirt above her head.

He made a sound in this throat when saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She didn’t even have time to grin ‘cause he crushed his mouth on hers hungrily. To her absolute delight, those beautiful-fingered and capable hands cupped her breasts as if they had the right.

Oh, but they had.

They started heading toward the bed still lip locked. She laughed when her back fell against the mattress but the sound was suppressed by his mouth again. The sweet-cute-poet was temporarily gone.

She arched her back and bit her lip and scratched his shoulders at the same time. He was doing amazing-sinful things to her nipples. Hurry, hurry, hurry, that was all she could think.

Spring tugged at his jeans, wanting it gone but she couldn’t do it when he was pressed so close against her. She took a moment to moan and forget about everything else when that delicious mouth of his closed around one of her breasts.

She scratched his belly now, hard, and he groaned in his response. Theo played with a nipple, sucking and nibbling at it, while his hands went busy trying to get her out of her jeans.

Hurry, hurry, hurry.

They tugged at each other’s jeans, trying to pull it down and cursed when they couldn’t do it.

“Lift your hip.” Theo ordered hoarsely.

She did. “The panties too… Hurry.”

He got rid of the clothes and kneeled on the bed so he could take off his too. Impatiently, Spring sat down and went to help him.

Theo laughed. “You’re gonna rip it apart…”

“So?” She snapped. “I’ll buy you another one.”

Without effect and ignoring his laugh, Spring pushed his back on the bed and pulled the jeans down along with his boxers. Theo was smirking when she lifted her eyes to his.

“Are you going to devour me?”

She arched her brow. “What do you think?”

He pushed her mouth back to his and rolled on top of her. Spring immediately circled her legs around his waist, almost shutting down his senses definitely.

“Wait. Let me get protection…”

“That’s okay, I’m on the pill. And I’m safe.”

He stared at her. “Do you trust me?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

The immediate answer made his heart stop and it slowed his moves. Theo touched his lips to hers, experimenting, feeling, tasting… She was so right.

In spite of their lust screaming in impatience, they came together slowly.

Spring sighed, long and happily. Like she could finally breathe after being a huge time underwater. He smiled at her, kissed her lips and searched for her hand. As they started to move, their fingers kept linked.

It was the most beautiful thing. It was beautiful when things speed it up and slowed down again. It was beautiful because they kept watching each other’s eyes, following each other’s rhythm and feeling each other’s heartbeats against their own.

And when Spring crushed his fingers against hers, on the moment they reached the peak, one and then the other, she arched and saw the moon through the window. But it didn’t seem like she was watching it, it seemed like the moon was watching them.

And wishing.


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