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Terceira Parte 

The next morning, when Spring came down the stairs she was humming happily. ‘Cause it was rule number one in that house, as the first one to get up, she made the coffee. The woman was drinking her second cup when Pam slipped in the kitchen lazy as a cat and scratching her eyes.

“‘Morning.” She said but at the same time yawned, so what came out was an undistinguished ‘wornin’. 

“Good morning.” Spring said while putting a cup of fresh coffee in front of her. Pamela only could think straight after having at least one of them. “Did you sleep well?”

Pam drank, moaned in pleasure and relief, and drank some more. “Not as well as some can say they did, but well enough.” She threw a long look at Spring. “Would you please reveal your dark secrets from last night now or you’re going to subtlety brush it off again?”

The dancer smiled beautifully. “You won’t let me get away with it this time, will you?”

“Damn right I won’t.” The dark-haired woman said fiercely. “I’ve even dreamed about you two last night, you know. I don’t like having erotic dreams when I am not involved.”

Spring was laughing hard when Cathy got in, looking refreshed from recent shower and without a sign of sickness.

“Good morning, lovely friends.” She said while opening the fridge and getting some orange juice. “Well Pam, I see you’re already poisoning your body with the dark liquid.”

“Yes.” Pamela smiled sweetly and poured more coffee. “Want some?”

“Not even if my life depended on it.” Cathy got some juice for herself and then joined her friends in the counter. “So… Spring has spitted it out yet?”

“Nope. But she was just about to.” Pam answered eyeing Spring.

Fearing for her life, the dancer opened her mouth to start. When she was finished, not having left out the brain-washing kiss, Cathy was shaking her head vehemently.

“All right, Spring. You had your night, now it’s my turn with him.” She demanded.

“Sorry, pal. But I’m not sharing.”

Pamela raised a finger in order to call attention to her verdict. “I’m really glad you had a great time. I would hate needing to break his legs after having liked him myself.”

Spring laughed aloud and hugged her. “Did you two really like him?”

Catherine made a face. “You see that, Pam? She’s taking for granted my ever-lasting love for Theo. I will fight for him, girl. Go get your sword, I’m asking you for a duel.”

“Bring it on. I have his lust in my advantage already.” She smiled knowingly. “And I’m planning to act on it soon.”

When Spring’s cell phone started ringing upstairs, Pam said. “I think he heard you.”

She was laughing while climbing the stairs three steps at a time and almost tripped down when got to her bedroom’s door. Spring searched for cell quickly inside her purse.

She pressed the first button she saw. “Yeah, hello. Me!”

In a hurry?

It was damn good to start the day hearing his voice. “Not anymore. How fare thee, Theo?”

He laughed. “Retreating in time?

“I love Old English. It’s just one of my passions.” She commented and checked the clock at her bedside. If she didn’t hurry, she’d be late. “So, missed me too much and then couldn’t help but to call?”

Hum. Almost. Just woke up and in fact, I’m still in bed.” Theo explained playing naivety. “I dreamed about you as you ordered me to.”

“Oh, really.” She could clearly imagine him still lazy and messed up from sleep.

He probably was scratching his eyes a bit, and there was only a thin sheet covering his tights. She supposed he wore nothing but his own skin to sleep. Oh, yes. She could imagine it very well, indeed.

Yeah, really.” He grinned and she could actually feel it. “And now I’m all awake and everything. You know? It was a very exciting dream.”

Spring was beginning to feel really awake too. “Theo, are you doing inappropriate things while speaking with me on the phone?”

Maybe.” He said sweetly. “Your voice helps.”

She exploded in a laugh so hard that she had to sit or would fall down. “I can’t believe you!”

Huuum. Wait just a minute, will you? You can talk a bit more.” He went silent.

And kept that way. She couldn’t believe he was… Right there with her listening… Had he no heart? She had needs too. And hormones.

Spring’s eyes were almost falling and doing a little dance. “Theo!”
He laughed. “Just kidding.” He shook his head when she breathed deep. “Got you hot, Spring Hurricane?

“That was not fun.” She mumbled bitterly.

Yes, it was.” He laughed more and then continued. “Ok. That’s not why I called. Will I get to you see your beautiful face tonight?

He had laughed at her, but he was so sweet. “I can’t. I have a… thing.”

A thing?” Theo persisted because he thought he recognized something in her voice.

“Oh… Uh. I’m staring at a play. A Musical, in fact. It’s opening night today.”

Well…” He moved to a sitting position. “Why didn’t you tell me?

“I forgot.” She lied.


“I’m sorry. I just don’t like talking about my work.”

He lifted a brow, even if she couldn’t see. “You talked about it when we met.”

“Yes, but you were a stranger and I thought I’d never see you again.”

All right, I accept that.” He treated carefully. “But why you don’t like talking about it?

She let out a breath. “Let it drop, Theo.”

You want to know something about me, Spring Hurricane? I’m incredibly hard-headed and sometimes a pushover because of it. I will not let it drop when I see this subject upsets you.” He paused and then added. “I will make you talk one way or another.”

Recognizing the implication of this sentence, she laughed. “You’re as nosey as my friends.”

I’m worried about you.”

She felt herself melt down immediately. How could she argue with that? He was such a nice, gentle guy. And he always said the right things in the right moments.

“People take dancers for granted, you know. I just don’t like having to explain myself all the fucking time to make it look like a decent profession. I’d just end up fighting with you because I’m sick of it all.”

So… Am I supposed to understand you thought me stupid like everybody else?

She would have laughed for the choice of the word if she didn’t had heard the offended tone in his voice. “I’m sorry, that’s not you. That’s not you at all. I’m just… Tired of it.” When he continued in silence, she struggled. “Theo? Are you angry with me?”

He couldn’t, not with her using that small-girl-persuading voice. “No, I’m not. Just can’t understand why you let them matter that way. Fuck what they think, Spring. If I make the world a more beautiful place, you’re right there along with me.”

He said that with such belief that it brought tears to her eyes. “But you’ve never seen me dancing.”

I’ve seen you, that’s enough.”

She bit her lip. “You’re so cute.”

He didn’t like the word one bit. And it brought a high color to his cheeks. “I’m not. I just said the truth.”

Spring smiled. “You are and you hate the fact that you are. This is even cuter.”

Look.” He cut it down, feeling his cheeks even redder.

Thank God she wasn’t close by to see it. But Theo had the horrible feeling that she knew, anyway.

And he was right. Spring grinned. “Yes?”

Can I go see you in your opening night later? If I can get a ticket?

She hesitated. “Yes.” And thought she could do better than that. “It can be difficult. I’ll get one for you. Just give your name when you get there. It’s at Henry Fonda Theatre. Eight o’clock.”

Oh… Whoa.” He grinned widely. “That’s some theater, beautiful Spring. What’s the play?

“Uh… ‘Mamma mia!’”

No shit?” He said aloud. “You’re playing ‘Sophie’ right? I know you are. I can feel it.”

“Uh… Yeah.”

Theo made a victory sound. “I knew it! That’s great. You’re gonna be fantastic. And I will laugh at you later for being nervous.”

“It’s opening night. I’m entitled to be nervous!” She said raising her voice.

And she was also embarrassed. If she was a failure, she would never have the courage to look at him again. Why did she agree with his going? Would it be too rude to take the ticket offer back? Yes, it would be. Oh God, what was she supposed to do now?

Oh, touchy too.” He teased. “Spring? You’re going to be marvelous. And I will have to retrieve my shin from the ground after seeing you.”  

Enjoy him and forget about her stomach in knots. That was the answer.

She grinned. “I really like you, Theo.”

That’s good.” He confirmed. “‘Cause I really like you too.”


When Theo arrived in front of the theater, he couldn’t possibly believe that Spring wasn’t going to mention it. That was one of the most prestigious theaters in L.A.

As he went inside, the man looked around and noticed people everywhere even though it was half an hour until the play started. He was certain that if wasn’t for Spring, he wouldn’t have gotten a ticket.

“Good evening, sir. May I help you?” The doorman asked as he approached.

“Ah, yes. One of the” He searched for a word and then gave up. “actresses sorted out a ticket for me. Theo Coleman.”

“Oh, yes. Spring.” He grinned widely and handed him a piece of paper. “Your place is one in the front. Enjoy the play.” 

“Thank you.” Theo answered as the man opened the door for him. “Oh, one more thing. Would it be possible for me to see her before the play?”

The man lifted a brow. “Are you a relative?”

Theo stared at him. “You know I’m not.”

The guy hesitated. “I’ll allow this just because it’s Spring. But don’t get used to it.” He pressed a button on his bipe and said a few words. “Wait a minute.”

“Thank you again.”

“Yea, yea. You have to give those to her, don’t you.” The man indicated the basket in Theo’s hands.

Soon a woman appeared and led him to Spring’s dressing room. He absorbed everything around as they walked.

Spring had gotten a very good part, indeed.


Spring was a spirited person by nature, and she was even worse with the nerves dancing around her stomach. Around her there were girls laughing and joking. In a common day, she’d be one of them but that day was different.

She couldn’t relax at all. He would come. It was opening night and Theo would come. She had never invited a date to one of her plays. Well, she hadn’t had in fact invited him, but he was coming all the same.

When a colleague put a hand in her shoulder, she jumped in alarm and cursed her jittery behavior.

Fee frowned. “What’s the problem, baby? You’re so quiet. You’re never quiet.”

“Nothing. Just pre-show nerves. Don’t worry.”

“Spring?” Marcia, a know-it-all around there, appeared smiling. “Found someone out there looking for you.”

“Who?” Spring and the other girls inclined their bodies and had a good vision of Theo just outside the dressing room.

“Oh, who’s the hotty.” Gertrude, one of Sophie’s friends in the play, commented in a loud whisper.

“Theo!” Spring was out of her chair in a moment, leaving the girls staring after her.

“Hey.” Theo grinned when he saw her. “Not into the character yet?”

“No, I’ll get ready now. I don’t play the first act.” She said in a hurry and noticed the basket of lilies in his hand. “Oh. You brought me flowers.”

“Well, I thought they could cheer you up a bit.” He handed them to her. “Had a feeling you might be needing it.”

“You were absolutely right.” She pressed the flowers to her nose and breathed deep. “I totally love lilies. Thank you.”

“I’m not that generous. Am hoping for my reward.” He smiled suggestively.

“In that case…”

As their faces grew closer, both could hear the girls inside the dressing room making happy and embarrassing noises. Both ignored them.

They kissed for about one minute and then Spring forced herself to remember that she had work to do. “I gotta go.”

Theo nodded and brushed her cheek with his thumb. “I know. You’re gonna be amazing, Spring Hurricane.”

She could actually believe it when he said. Then smiled. “Yes, I will.”

He smiled right back, kissed her one more time. “I’ll see you later. Break a leg.”

The woman stared at him dumbfounded and really teared up. “Theater slangs. Oh Theo, you’re a man after my own heart. And I’m totally lost already.”  


Spring threw one hell of a show. In Theo’s opinion, she stole the play from everybody else and focused the attention in herself. She was an incredible dancer. And she had also a beautiful voice – something she had forgotten to mention.

That was the fact that Mamma Mia! had more singing than dancing, but he believed it was an experience for her even though. When it was over, people stood on their feet to clap. He was grinning as if he was the one receiving praises. He could’ve been easily.

Theo was so damn proud of her.

He tried to decide if he should search for her again, knowing that she probably would be celebrating with the rest of the cast and also that she would continue the celebration some place else.

Maybe he would go just to say goodbye. Of course he was wishing like crazy that she’d invite him to come along, but he wasn’t going to show it. She had totally the right to go out with her friends. They weren’t even dating yet.

That was, technically, their second date. Just because he wanted to spend the rest of the night with her didn’t mean that she had to feel the same way. He wanted her to, but it wasn’t a ‘must’.  

“Theo!” And interrupting his divergent thoughts, there she was still wearing her white dress from the final scene.

Some people stopped her in the way to congratulate and take pictures. Spring was polite and gentle, but he could see that she was anxious to get away from it all. Finally, when she could, Spring literally ran to him, kissing him and circling her arms around Theo’s neck. 

“Was I great? I felt I was, everybody said so, but do you think? Do you? Be honest.”

He could feel that his opinion had a huge weight in her self-judgment and couldn’t be more pleased.

Theo lifted her shin and looked into her eyes. “You were better than a dream, beautiful Spring.”

She bit her lip. “You’re so unbelievable sweet. Thank you, Theo!” She laughed and hugged him. “I’m so glad you’re here! I’m glad in general. I feel like dancing and jumping and screaming! There’s so much energy that I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight.”

He kept an arm around her waist and could actually feel her body pulsing with excitement. “I can imagine.”

“The cast will head to a club to celebrate. Do you want to come? Please, come! It’s going to be nice. We are going to dance and drink and party all niiiiight.” Spring explained clapping and smiling.

“I want to, but I’m not dressed for a nightclub.”

Spring looked at him from head to foot and grinned sinly. “Did I forget to say? You’re really hot in a suit.” 

Theo laughed. “Well then…”

“That’s her! Right there! Spring, you little wild thing.” Pam and Cathy appeared from nowhere and jumped Spring.

The three hugged, kissed and screamed like crazy children.

“You were so good, so fucking great…”

“Was I?”

“You know you were, you dissimulated bitch. Come here and gimme another hug.”

They jumped, screamed and laughed some more. Theo watched, a little embarrassed for the bad words they were saying while people who were leaving the room threw them scrutinizing looks.

They left little short after that into a wild night in L.A, Spring’s words. For Theo it was just an excuse so he could spend a little more time with her.


Theo woke up with the sound of an electronic device ringing. He cursed aloud, rolling in the bed, and reached for his cell phone on the bedside.

He rejected the call, after checking it was not Spring, and turned off the phone. He was asleep again before his head had hit the pillow.


He came awake again two hours after that and headed straight to shower. He had a minor headache and could possibly blame the long night he had had the night before.

Spring was a battery with no need for recharging.

Theo made coffee, drank two cups, and then noticed that it was half past eleven in the morning. Well, he had gotten home almost four – he was entitled to compensate it. After feeding his vice with a third cup, he decided to check his cell phone and while at it turned on his laptop.

Nina, his sister, had called and he frowned when he saw it. She made a habit of getting up early on Sundays to go to church, and also did him – when he got in fact some sleep during the night -, but why would she bother to call was a mystery.  

He plugged on his profile on Facebook and started checking the notifications. He grinned when saw that Spring had tagged him in a photo and clicked. A photo of the two of them the night before flashed in the screen.

They were in the dance floor and she had a glass of martini in her hand. Her friend had flashed a camera out of nowhere and Spring had insisted for both of them to pose for it. Theo hated taking pictures, but he couldn’t deny it to her.

She had on the small black dress she had changed into and he was holding her by the waist. Spring had a happy expression on her face and was grinning beautifully for the camera while Theo was busy grinning at her.

And he was doing it again at that moment. He searched for a subtitle and saw that she had written ‘The cute guy from the subway’s wagon’. He laughed, shook his head and noticed that she had posted the photo hours ago.

Didn’t the woman need some sleep after partying all night?

Even as he decided to leave a message for her, his cell phone ringed. It was his sister again.

“Hey, little mermaid.” He answered using the sweet nickname he had for her. “I saw you had called earlier, I was going to call you back.”

Guess I interrupted someone’s sleep.” The calm, quiet voice of his sister said. “Should I apologize for it, little brother?

Theo thought that another person could be fooled by the sweet voice and innocent tone, but not him. Nina could be worse than his mother when she wanted, and that was saying something.

“Now, there’s no need for such drastic measures.” He offered sarcastically. “I got my sleep anyway. But tell me, my dear, why did you call?”

Oh, if my brother doesn’t worry about my well being, I in fact do about his. And I also wanted to invite you to lunch today, I suppose you’re gonna feed yourself with whatever trash you still have in your always-empty fridge.”

She couldn’t possibly miss a chance to pick at him a bit. Well, they had that in common. They were siblings after all.

“That’s so generous of you. Angelic Nina always thinking of the least fortunate. But how did you know I was going to sleep ‘till late, sweetheart? Foreseeing the future is one of your newest gifts?”

He could tell his sister was grinning bitterly. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if it was, I am that talented. But not this time. I just assumed that after knowing about your extended night yesterday.” She said casually. “Oh, the internet is really effective.” 

Theo considered what the hell she was talking about and then, like an answer, looked at the photo still flashing in the screen. “Oh God, no.”

Nina laughed. “Oh God, yes. She is really gorgeous, Theo. But if you didn’t want the world to know, why didn’t you tell her so?

“You didn’t tell mom, did you?” Theo asked desperately.

If his mom got to know that, she would probably hunt Spring down and lock her in a closet until she could get all the information she wanted about her.

Why do you think I would do that?

Theo knew the tone. He knew it too well.

Cursing, he dropped his head in his hand. “You told her. Why did you do it? Usually you try to bribe me first.”

His sister sighed. “Mom saw it too. She was with me at the time; we had just got to church. She started complaining about you not been there, asking If I had talked to you, the kids were complaining about ‘how come they had to wake up early if it was Sunday’, you know how they can be. I needed to calm down or commit a sin inside the church, so I went to check my profile on the phone and she noticed when I opened the picture. You know how she notices everything. It was not my fault, sweety. Not this time.”

“Yes, it was.” Theo accused and then took a deep breath. “She will never stop crowding me now. I’m so fucked up.”

Theo, mind your words!

“Nina, I’m not sixteen anymore.”

I don’t give a damn.” She said impulsively and sighed again when he laughed. “Look, no bad words are allowed in this house. I’m having a bad time controlling my tongue, but I have to since Simon learned what ‘shit’ meant. He’s driving me crazy.” 

“How are the wild little devils?” Theo asked, suddenly missing the two monsters he called nephews.

The two are impossible as usual.” Nina answered with a warmth just mothers would understand. “But now, Theo, don’t change the subject. I want to know who she is. You’re going to spill it later.”

He grunted. “I don’t remember agreeing to go.”

Oh, but you will. And one more thing: you should prepare yourself. I’m surprised mom hasn’t called you yet.”

Theo exhaled. “I’m not surprised. I’m worried. We just don’t know what to expect from her. And when she is quiet, usually it’s worse.”

Have you told this girl of yours about the insane family you have?

“Of course not. I want to keep her.”

Nina laughed some more. “Do you, now? That’s nice to hear.” She had never told him that, but she agreed with their mother that Theo didn’t seem fully happy. “I liked the way you were looking at her in the photograph. Is she special?

Theo rolled his eyes. “Don’t start, Nina.”

Ok. Mom will do that for me and I will know it anyway. You never had the guts to say no to her.”

“Yeah. And I pay the price for it every time.”


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