Dream in a Private Bubble.

Onde o seu sonho é sempre mais que uma ficção!

Estou trazendo a segunda parte do conto. 
Particularmente eu me apaixonei pelos personagens. 
Aproveitem! =) 

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Segunda Parte 

He went through the day as always, but the curious girl from the morning kept coming back to his thoughts. Theo calculated when the best time to call her would be, surprised himself being a little anxious.

He liked women, had dated a few through his time at college, but had never really got serious with any of them. Not the serious-to-think-about-the-future kind anyway. Sometimes he just pictured himself being kind of bored with life in general. 

Spring had been an extra activity in his routine. One that he had really enjoyed and hoped to enjoy some more soon.

After work that day, instead of heading straight back home, Theo went to meet a few friends at a Café nearby. Then had to visit his parents ‘cause their place was also near and he didn’t want to explain later why he didn’t show up for a couple of minutes.

Yeah, his mother sometimes located him through GPS.

“Baby, you’re so thin. Aren’t you eating anything?” Sue, his sweet mother, inquired.

Theo smiled, wanting to roll his eyes, but knowing better than to do so. “Mama, you always ask that. My health is great, as I’m constantly telling you.”

“Leave the boy, Sue. He is big where a man should be: at his muscles.” His father Travis clapped his shoulder in encouragement. “Are you staying for dinner, right, son?”    

“Guess ‘m.” Theo answered, visualizing the way his mother had narrowed her eyes as if daring him to say no.

Sue headed for the kitchen and called his father, who immediately went after her. Theo smiled. His parents had always divided the domestic chores. At home, there wasn’t that rule of ‘the man of the house’. Never had been. His mother was the chief, if there was the need of one, and he couldn’t remember a time when that had been different. 

God, he missed living in that house. Theo looked around with a beer in his hands and a wistful look at his face. He had never wanted to leave, he remembered, even when it had been time to hit for college. He supposed he had been the only nineteen-year-old who didn’t want his total independence.

He had liked the easiness in the air and waking up to look at his parents’ familiar faces. He had loved not needing to wash his clothes or to make his food. Theo had started working really young and in consequence, to help with the bills. But he really hadn’t minded a bit.

His mother reappeared suddenly and asked him to help setting up the table. He did, giving her a small kiss that spoke silently that he had really missed her. Sue understood her son pretty well and smiled in response, loving him a bit more each time he did some sweet unexpected thing like that.

The food was great as always, remembering Theo of the other thing that he missed about living there: his mother’s food and his father’s dessert. Those were the best things ever. In fact, he just missed everything.

He had always hated living alone, had considered some time ago buying a dog, but he was out of the house all day long, how the poor puppy would care for itself during all that time? He missed the company, but just didn’t have the heart to do that.

“So, son… How is work?” His father asked while bringing another beer for Theo and himself.

“This is the last one.” Sue alerted, eyeing her husband. “You’re not supposed to be drinking this much.”

“This is my second one.” Travis complained.

“Fourth. I saw you drinking before Theo gets here and while I was at the phone.” She answered easily.

Travis made a face and to avoid more complains, Theo said. “It’s fine, Dad. In fact, we just had another project coming today. Big, fancy condominium.”

His father smiled a big smile and clasped Theo’s back. “That’s what I’m talking about!”

“That’s great, baby!” Sue congratulated happily. She was so proud of her boy and of that he was doing with his professional life, but… “I’m so happy for you. But honey, you’re always talking about work and all. What about girlfriends? You’re not getting any younger, you know, maybe it’s time to think about marriage and babies…”

“Mom, not today, ok?” Theo interrupted, but he knew his mother wasn’t stopping.

“But, darling…” Sue let out a breath, using her be-reasonable look. “You’re twenty seven. The statistics has proved that this is a perfectly marriageable age. And I was just talking to Kayla, you remember my old friend? So… She has this niece that is coming to spend the holyday and…”

“Mama, stop. I’m not meeting any other friend of yours’ niece, cousin, daughter, or granddaughter, for God’s sake. Stop trying to arrange brides for me. I’m not getting married. Live with that.” Theo felt like screaming, but decided to use his sister’s example for his purposes instead. “And besides, you already has grandchildren, why more? Nina is carrying the family name beautifully.”

“But, Theo, I want to see you happy.” Sue said weakly and Theo hated the ‘you’re-crushing-my-heart’ tone in her voice. Then looked at her husband for support. “Why am I wrong to want my boy happy?”

“Just leave the boy, Sue. He knows how to run his life.” Travis answered.

“Why do you think I’m not, mama?” Theo touched her hand and kissed it, wanting the subject over.

Sue looked deep at him and said. “I know you, Theo. And I know you haven’t been happy for a long time now.”


Theo went home remembering his mother’s words and expression. Decided he was overestimating the whole thing. He didn’t have a bad life, it just was… nice. Most of people couldn’t classify themselves as being super happy people. The world was like that. He was just one more in the crowd.

He took a quick shower and then noticed the coach he had took off earlier. Spring’s number was in one of its pockets. He hesitated and then took the paper, getting into bed with it and his cell phone.

Theo paused, thought a little and then texted:

Sender: Theo Coleman
Addressee: 917-4236

Hey, Spring Hurricane. Just to let you know that I didn’t lose your number or anything. Figured it was a little early to call, so I’m texting. Maybe you’d thought of me as a stalker, then I chose not to call. Anyway, hope you had a good day. See you.

P.S. In case you don’t know who it is, remember the cute guy you met at the subway’s wagon in the morning.

He hesitated again, calling himself stupid for the childish and ridiculous message, but hit send anyway. He programmed his clock and closed his eyes. Two minutes later Theo felt something trembling and opened his eyes again to find his phone screen flashing.

He gripped the cell and saw that he had a new message. He knew, even before reading, it was hers.

Sender: Pirouette Girl
Addressee: Theo Coleman

Hey, cute guy from the subway’s wagon. Guess I have a blurred image of you, maybe. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not thinking of you as stalker. Considering your worry about this specific fact, I’m now one hundred percent sure that you are. *Kidding* I had a really nice day, guess you gave me luck. How was yours? Oh, you’re going to sleep? You know, I feel like talking right now… And we would be texting, so it’d not classify as ‘too early’ or anything like that.

If you do not answer in the next five minutes, I’ll consider you totally unawake and stop talking. Or no, you know I have a problem with that. Waiting for your response.

P.S. Maybe you’d consider changing your sender name, it’s really common and… Kind of simple, you know? Take a risk! : )

Theo smiled, thinking that Spring was really amazing. And without a second thought about work the next day, he started texting back.    


They spent the whole week talking via message, every night at the same time. Theo found himself anxious during all day to that specific time. It was a bit unnerving, actually, if one would consider the fact that he had only known Spring for a couple of days.

He couldn’t care less, though.

Theo liked her, really. He supposed it was one of those cases when you just clicked with the person instantly. Effortlessly. Quickly. Yeah, he supposed it was that. But man, with or without explanation, he really liked her.

On Thursday night, he decided to break the routine. He wanted to hear her voice again and was also looking forward to the weekend, and what it would bring. That night, when he got into bed, Theo called her.

Me!” She answered.

Without even thinking about it, Theo smiled. “Hey, Spring Hurricane.”

She hesitated a bit, a funny feeling in her stomach while she cursed under her breath for not having checked who it was first. “Hi, Theo. Wow, that’s a surprise. Tired of messages?

“No, I just figured it was a good time to call considering we spent the week talking. Now you know I’m not a stalker.”

Do I?” Spring laughed. “I’m not so sure ‘bout that.”

He knew a lot about her humor by now to feel offended. “Well, I have a good proposal for you, then. I guess it’d erase your doubts.”

Spring stretched in her bed. “I’m listening.”

“Go out with me, tomorrow night. We could grab something to eat and then catch a late movie, maybe.”


Theo literally felt at loss of words. “Oh, well… Uh…”

She laughed. “You’re asking me out, so I want some fair ground here. Do I get to choose the place?

He pulled the air in and out slowly. “Couldn’t you just have said so instead of making me sweat like a pig?”

It would’ve gotten the fun out of it.” She answered easily. “I always look for the fun. Do I get to choose the place or not? Movies are for common people on their first dates. We’re not common, are we, Theo?

“I’m thinking the answer for that would be ‘no’.”

Correct. So… Pick me up at seven tomorrow.”

“Yeah, ok. I don’t know your…”

I will text you with my address, just not to lose the habit. Goodnight, Theo. Dream sweet dreams of me.”

“Not long-time conversation today?”

Well, I had rehearsal all day long, ‘m a bit tired.” She yawned as if to confirm it. “Do you mind? I wouldn’t blame you for minding, I’m disturbing your sleep during the last three days. That would seem fair.”

“I’m a generous soul. Go to sleep, beautiful Spring. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Her voice was like a soft caress. “You called me beautiful. Do you think I’m beautiful?

Theo smiled again, thinking even if tired she couldn’t shut up. “Yeah, I think you are beautiful. A beautiful tornado, but beautiful nonetheless.”

He could feel her warm smile through the phone. “Thank you. I think you’re pretty handsome yourself.” She yawned again. “‘Night, Theo.”




Don’t be late tomorrow, ‘cause I am always late.”   

Spring hung up, then. One minute later came the message with her address.


Spring was a bit nervous. Okay, maybe a little more than ‘a bit’, but she supposed it was a good thing. On Friday, when she arrived home, her best friends and roommates were watching a movie in the living room under the blankets.

“Hey, guys.” She knew she was late, but thought she could steal a few minutes of girl gossip. “What’s up? No going out tonight?”

“Cathy has a cold. I decided to stay here to make her company instead of going out and having crazy, wild sex with some hot guy.” Pam explained, throwing a look at Cathy that clearly said she hadn’t signed up for that specific job.

“Oh, I got it.” Spring also looked at Cathy, but she had the blanket over her face too and was moaning as if at death’s door. “Well, I’m going out.”

“With whom?” Pam asked while skipping channels with the remote. “God, isn’t there any movie without some annoyingly helplessly in love couple? I want some dead bodies here, please.”

“Search for The Walking Dead, sis’.” Cathy suggested showing her face. “But whom you’re going out with, Spring?”


Pam looked at her and smiled. “The cute guy from the subway’s wagon?”

Spring smiled thinking about the nickname and stood up. “Yeah. I have to get ready.”

“Is he coming here to pick you up? I wanna take a look at him myself.” Cathy wanted to know.

“Yes, he is, in the next… fifteen minutes. Damn, I’m really late. Again. Pam, when you answer the door, don’t throw yourself at him, please.”

“Can’t promise that, girl.” Pam said aloud while Spring hurried out of the room. Then looked at Cathy. “At least somebody will be having some crazy, wild sex.”


Theo found some problem with finding the address Spring had given him. For some mysterious cause he couldn’t focus on the road or on the houses’ numbers that he passed by. He was a little instable at the moment.

When he stopped his car in front of the indicated house, he took a couple of relaxing breaths and then got out. That was a big house, simply beautiful too. Well, at least as a man would think so.

He rang the bell and almost immediately heard the footsteps sounding on the other side. Theo frowned thinking that the person couldn’t possibly be Spring ‘cause he/she wasn’t running. And he was right.

A tall, pretty brunet opened the door and looked at him. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight. Does Spring live here?”

The woman didn’t answer at first, but took a second look at him from head to foot and then smiled. “You’re Theo.”

He relaxed. “Yeah, I am. I thought I had the wrong number.”

“No, you didn’t. You’re right on time. Spring isn’t, as always.” She moved for him to pass. “Get in, Theo. I can’t make it easier for you saying she will be just a couple of minutes, though.”

He smiled. “I wasn’t expecting you to, and I don’t mind waiting.”

Pam closed the door and looked at him again. “Spring told me to not throw myself at you, guess I’m going to do that anyway.”

“Yeah, sure. Wanna join us? I don’t know where we’re going, but I’m sure we can accommodate you.” He answered.

Pam laughed. “I like you, Theo.” Then stretched out her hand. “I’m Pam, by the way, one of Spring’s roommates.”  

“Nice to meet you.” He shook her hand and said. “So, where’s the other roommate? We could make a quartet out of this. That’d be my first.”

Laughing again, Pam leaded the way to the living room where Cathy was still moaning aloud. “Cathy, cut the bullshit, please. We have company.”

“Is she okay?” Theo asked a little worried.

“No, ‘m dying.” The blonde opened one eye and looked at him. “Are you an angel that came to take me to heaven?”

Pamela rolled her eyes and sit back. “Yes, he is an angel, all right. Not yours though, girl.”

Catherine moaned for a different reason. “Oh, man. Why does Spring always take the nicest guys from LA? I’m a blonde too; don’t wanna tread her for me?”

Theo smiled, thinking Spring had also spirited friends. “See, Pam? Told ya. We could make a nice quartet.”


She had heard the bell and knew it was him. Even though, the battle to find a nice outfit was still hard.

That’s why she showed up half an hour later, hoping not to have ruin the date before it had begun. She heard the noise from the living room and went that way.

Then she stopped at the door breathing in the scenario. Theo was spread out on the carpet engaged in a vicious game with Pam, while Cathy, cold forgotten, was behind them both cheering happily.

Spring was torn between overwhelm and amusement. “Hey, kids.”

Theo turned around immediately to look at her and Pam took advantage of this lapse to beat him at the game.

“Ha-ha! I won, I killed you! I’m invincible.” She stood, doing a happy victory dance, and looking ridiculously pleased with herself. “Throw yourself at my mercy!”

Theo smiled at Spring, then at Pam. “You cheated, I was distracted.”

“Not my fault. Ten bucks, buddy.” Pam insisted.

“Pamela.” Spring warned.

“No, it’s okay. A deal is a deal.” Theo said smiling and handing her the money. “But you still took advantage of my distraction, and for that I want a return match.”

“Anytime, friend. I’ll still beat you.” She smiled.

“We’ll see about that.”

Theo turned to Cathy then, that was back to moaning. “Thank you for the cheers, Cathy. And don’t worry, I’ll beguile Spring and come back for you.”

Catherine smiled and resisted the urge to kiss him, not wanting to infect him with cold germs. “I’ll be waiting, handsome.”

He went to Spring then and kissed her on the cheek. “Hey, Spring Hurricane. In case I forget to tell you later, you’re wonderful.” He inhaled. “And you smell good too.”

“Hello. Thank you.” A pretty flush colored her cheeks. “Charming my friends, han? Is this a fallback plan in case things don’t work out between us?”

Theo made a face. “Shit, you uncovered my secret. Guess I’ll have to kill you and hide your body now.”

She laughed and circled her arm around his. “Don’t joke about that, Theo. I’m still not convinced about your no-stalker nature.”

“I’ll bring you around somehow.” He smiled knowingly. “So, where are we going?”

Spring flashed her lashes. “You’ll see.” She threw a look over her shoulder to her friends, who were watching them unashamedly. “Later, girls.”

“Have fuuun.” Pam said; her meaning very clear. 


As fast as they walked out, the two women hurried to the hall’s window to watch them. Theo had his arm around Spring’s waist while leading her to the car.

Cathy purred. “He opened the car’s door for her. That’s so sweet.” 

“Oh, get a hold of yourself. And leave some space for me.” Pam pushed the woman out of the way so she could get a look too; not willing to tell that she also thought it was sweet. “They got in. I can’t see through the dark window, damn it.” She continued there anyway, noticing they were not leaving. “You think they’re making out yet?”

“C’mon, I don’t think it’s just sparks between them. You do?”

“No.” Pam said and watched them finally leaving. “But that way I could hear somebody talking about her passionate night with a hot guy.”

Cathy rolled her eyes. “Yeah, whatever. Stop throwing me circuitous sentences. The point is: I really liked Theo.”

Pamela nodded. “So did I.”


“Bowling?” Theo asked as soon as he pulled over in the parking lot Spring had indicated.

She smiled. “You know I’m active person and I like to move, so… What? Are you afraid of my perfectly effective skills?”

Theo unhooked his seatbelt and threw a look at her. “Please. I’m pretty good at it myself.”

“Let’s see, then.”


He was really pretty good, Spring thought while watching Theo getting another strike.

Not enough to beat her, though. She was absolutely sure. After his turn, he looked at her as if saying that she was completely lost.

“I guess my score is higher than yours.” He announced with a lazy smile.

Spring made a show out of her shot, rolling up her sleeves before standing up from her seat and taking the ball. She also got a strike. Then Theo threw the ball again, missing the higher point for two barriers.

She couldn’t help the teasing. “Watch me now.”

“You’re really presumptuous.”

The woman laughed and threw the ball one more time, hitting strike. Then she looked at him. “No, I’m just sure of myself.” Pointed the screen flashing their score. “And in case you’re not seeing well, I won.”   

Theo shook his head, refusing to accept being beaten for the second time in one night. “No. We’re playing it again.”

Spring blew him a kiss. “As you wish, handsome.”


Theo was still stricken stupid by the time they reached his car. “I can’t believe you won the three times.”

“Well, what I can I say, it’s a gift.” She shrugged but took pity seeing that his ego was damaged. “Oh, c’mon. You were great.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He waved a hand in her direction. “Let’s grab something to eat. Usually I’m hungry after being morally wounded.”    

They stopped at snack bar and each ordered a Burger and a Shake. She was trying so hard not to laugh, but Theo was making it impossible for her with that the-world-is-a-cruel-place-to-live expression.

Spring touched his hand with hers. “Theo, for God’s sake. It was just a game.”

“Three games, actually.”

“Jesus. What’s it with men that they can’t accept losing a game by a woman?”

“My theory is that it’s because of our huge ego. And because we’re always trying tirelessly to impress them.” He confessed and then linked their fingers while locking his eyes on hers. “There’s nothing impressing in losing a game, now. Is there?”  

She was taken aback by the revelation, in order that men rarely admitted having the ridiculously enormous macho ego. But then Theo seemed to be a kind of exception, starting by the way he looked at her sometimes. That sweet-as-a-marshmallow look.

God, he really could turn her belly into liquid knots of good tension. “You’re just a missing a point here, though. If you want to impress me all the time, how will I get some space to impress you right back?”

He smiled slowly, playing with her fingers. There were those times when he did that that Spring thought they seemed closer then they really were. As at that moment, with a snack bar booth between them and she felt as if she were right by his side.

“You are a slick one, aren’t you? Trying to change my mood with your beautifully elaborated theory.”

She smiled. “You have yours, I have mine. Win-win. Well, now that everything’s established...” She looked around as if searching for something. “Where the hell is our food? I’m starving here.”

Theo laughed really loud and brought her hand up for a kiss. “Spring, you’re just the girl for me.”

Their food arrived shortly after that, with Spring insisting that that had succeeded because they’d heard her and then had been afraid of her wrath.

“Yes. I’m sure they must be hidden in fear right now.” Theo offered jokingly while arranging the burger and fries in his plate at their best angle.

Watching the display, Spring shook her head with a smile. “You’re such an architect!”

Theo looked up and stopped what he was doing, embarrassed. “Sorry. I do that a lot. It’s a compulsion, really, always trying to put things in the best visually way.”

She watched him. “I think this is great. If the world scenario was more properly designed, people would look around and feel as pretty as the environment. It wouldn’t solve the problems, but I’m certain that it’d change people’s perspective of them. Who knows, Theo, you could be taking a huge step for changing the world with your burger and fries.”

He stared at her for a full minute. “You’re optimist by nature or trying to make me feel better with my weirdness?”

“Right now, I’m just saying what I think. And believe me, if this is weirdness, LA could totally use more weird guys like you.”

“You truly are some thing, Spring Hurricane.” He smiled and went back to designing his food by his choice. “I really like that about you.”

“Hum. I like a couple of things about you too.” Her expression was mischievous. “Oh, Theo… Maybe when you finish yours, you could also make my plate? I’m hungry, but I guess it’d be worth waiting a little more.”

Theo asked himself why the hell he couldn’t stop smiling. But then, he just had to look at her to find his answer. Man, she was totally, absolutely, dangerously right.

Not willing to keep her waiting, he pushed away his plate and brought hers closer. “Do you want me to use a napkin?”

“Of course not, it’d just be more trouble for you. Use your elegantly architect fingers and make me a comestible work of art!” She exclaimed enthusiastically, rubbing her hands together in anxiety.

He couldn’t believe that woman, seriously. In the best way possible. “Ok, but I’m a pricey professional. It’s gonna cost you.”

Spring watched his malicious smile and felt the liquid knot of good tension again, this time followed by a pull of strong lust in her belly. 

She breathed the words. “You can charge me later.”

“I will.”

There was just a hint of promise in his eyes to make her wish for ‘later’ to come really fast.


It was past eleven when Theo pulled over in front of Spring’s house. She waited for him to get out and open the door for her ‘cause noticed he was the type that did that.

“Thanks.” She said while getting out.

“You’re very welcome.” He closed the door and stood standing before her.

He was tall, but so was she. In result, front to front like that, they were also eye to eye. Similarly as they stood at the subway, but now they were close by choice. Again there was something in his eyes that said they’d get closer still before she got in.

From over his shoulder Spring saw the light in the parlor inside come up and knew that her two nosey roommates had heard the sound of the car.

“Pam and Cathy are probably watching us through the window right now.”

Theo looked that way too and grinned. “I can see their shadows trying to hide behind the drapes.” Then he looked back at her and put his hands on her hips. “I guess they are expecting something to happen.”

He was subtlety pressing her against the car’s door with his body. She noticed and felt that and didn’t mind a bit.

She circled his neck with her arms and lifted her chin, bringing their faces closer. “Are you, Theo?”

“Do I like stupid to you?”

She laughed. “Not at all.”

“There now. That’s your answer.”

“Are you going to charge me now?” She asked suggestively.

“Oh, yeah.”

She saw his sexy grin just before he closed his mouth over hers.

And he had sexy lips too and sexy hands. Well, he was a potential sexy material all around. Spring was sooo into finding out more about that.

She had an appealing, bending, teasing body. And a talented, creative, and seductive mouth. He soon had one hand in her hair; it really seemed like liquid gold.

Spring also had her hand in his hair, both of them; the locks were soft and straight, and just like his eyes, resembled melted chocolate. She really loved melted chocolate.  

Her body just felt like it was melting right along with it. Boy, but he could kiss. And wasn’t just her luck the fact that he kissed not just with his mouth and tongue and teeth, but also with his body pressed against hers, and his hand gripping her hip, and the other one massaging her hair. He kissed with his all goddamn being.

Still he moved against her. All but making love to her with his clothes on. She was lost, wasn’t she? Spring could feel it spreading all around her: the feeling, the anxiety, the lust, the bliss. She could go all night just kissing him, right there in the middle of the street.   

“Guess this about summoned it.” Theo said pulling apart from her before he could give in to his wish of dragging her back to the car and taking great advantage of her generous payment. “Your friends now won’t be disappointed.”

She took a couple breaths before finding her voice again. For a moment it looked like he had swallowed that too. “No. They’re probably asking themselves why I’m not ripping your clothes off and having my way with you inside the car after a kiss like this.”

He laughed and nibbled at her neck. “I’m up for that too if you want.”

“I guess I’ll postpone that. I kind of need some oxygen at the present moment, you stole mine away.” She breathed deep one more time, noticing that he seemed very proud of himself. And man, shouldn’t he be. “I’m going in now and leave you to lust after me and what it could’ve been for the rest of the night.” 

“You’re cruel.” Theo stroked her cheek and lifted her chin, kissing her softly. “Really cruel. Now I have the image of you ripping my clothes off in my mind. What if I can’t concentrate on the road? It could cause a tragedy. Maybe it’d be better if you’d let me in and took care of me.” He inclined so he could talk close to her ear. Oh, he had a sexy voice too. “Very good care. You know what I mean?”

“Oh, yes.” She laughed when he pressed her against the car again, all ready to repeat the last minutes. “Now, now… That’s playing dirty.” She purred when he nibbled on her ear.

Theo grinned. “I’ll let you go. For tonight.” He added and kissed her brains off one last time. “Goodnight, beautiful Spring.”

“‘Night.” She said breathlessly. Again. “Dream sweet dreams of me.”

“Oh, I’ll dream of you, all right. Can’t promise it’d be sweet, though.”

She was laughing as she walked to her door, self-confident because she knew he was looking at her. Probably at her backseat. Oh, but it was very good to know that a smart, sexy guy had the hots for you.

And better yet, Spring thought while opening the door and waving at him, because the guy in question was Theo.   


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